“There is a rock in my bed!”: A meteorite almost killed a woman in Canada while she slept | International

A Perseid meteorite passes over a sandstone outcrop at Redstone in the Pinto Valley Wilderness Area in Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Nevada.
A Perseid meteorite passes over a sandstone outcrop at Redstone in the Pinto Valley Wilderness Area in Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Nevada.Ethan Miller (AFP)

On the night of October 3, Ruth Hamilton awoke with a start. Her dog was barking and she had heard something like an explosion. When he turned on the light he saw on his bed, next to his pillow, a strange object. Up in the ceiling, there was a hole. Bewildered, Hamilton called 911. The telephone conversation was bizarre, because she did not know how to explain what had happened at her home, located in the Canadian province of British Columbia. “My God, there’s a rock in my bed!” The 66-year-old woman managed to exclaim. It was, as she would later learn, a fist-sized meteorite that had slammed into her house, smashed the ceiling, and smashed into her bed without doing her any harm. A particular way to wake up in the middle of the night. “You’re asleep in your bed and suddenly a meteorite can kill you,” Hamilton told Canadian television. CBC.

The incident happened in Golden, a peaceful city of 3,700 inhabitants located about 400 kilometers east of Vancouver, which has become a world celebrity due to the meteorite that interrupted the sleep of what is now its illustrious neighbor. Local media report that several locals, awake at 11:30 that night, saw a fireball cross the sky of Golden without imagining that the rock would land on Hamilton’s pillow. “It seems surreal,” the woman told the American newspaper The New York Times. “Yes, there is still a hole in my ceiling. Yes, that happened ”, he stated. The same newspaper reports that meteorites impact our planet every day, although it is not common for them to land on the bed of humans. According to him TimesMany of these alien rocks have been sold online and Christie’s auction house put several of them up for sale in February, fetching more than $ 4 million.

Amazed by Hamilton’s account, several experts from the University of Western Ontario investigated what happened in Golden and determined that it was a meteorite. They have informed the press that the stone that woke up Hamilton was not the only one that fell that night in the town: another hit a field near Calgary, a couple of kilometers from Hamilton’s house, arousing the curiosity of a community that she is not used to having the lights in front and less than one of her neighbors could wake up in the middle of the night with a meteorite on her pillow.

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