The PSOE celebrates Alfonso Guerra’s support for Pedro Sánchez before his 40th Congress | Spain

Alfonso Guerra will not attend the 40th Federal Congress that the PSOE will hold from Friday to Sunday in Valencia. The former vice president of the Government and former deputy secretary general of the PSOE with Felipe González has been one of the historical references of socialism most critical of Pedro Sánchez, but his defense of the Prime Minister after the boos he received during the military parade on October 12 has been welcomed in Ferraz. “You have to put things in their place. There are people, some people, who boo a Prime Minister and applaud a goat. That’s the truth. The same as they boo a president, they applaud a goat. Each one chooses who best represents him, ”Guerra said on Wednesday when a group of journalists asked him about the shouts and protests against the socialist president.

The PSOE territorial officials consulted agree that Guerra’s support is in line with internal reconciliation and the reconstruction of the bridges that blew up in the 2017 primary process. Unlike Guerra, whose presence the congress organizers do not have , the former president Felipe González will go to Valencia and will intervene on Saturday morning in a ceremony in which the other former socialist president, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, the deputy secretary general of the PSOE, Adriana Lastra, and the general secretaries of UGT and Workers Commissions, Pepe Álvarez and Unai Sordo.

The federal leadership also values ​​the support of Guerra on the eve of the 40th Congress, in which the great objective will be to close once and for all the internal conflict that led the PSOE to the precipice four years ago. One of the most established reflections in all strata of the party is that, despite misgivings about some of Sánchez’s decisions, the uncompromising opposition of PP and Vox has a unifying effect between cadres and militants. Sánchez pointed out this line on Wednesday in his response to Pablo Casado in the control session to the Executive in Congress as a result of the boos received: “It is how you and the far right understand coexistence and respect for the constitutional order.”

In recent years, Guerra has questioned the alliance with the pro-independence parties, especially with ERC and Bildu, two of the formations that made Sánchez’s inauguration possible in January 2020 and the first coalition government since the restoration of democracy. The former vice president also did not share the definition of Spain as a “plurinational” country, which Sánchez included in the resolutions of the 39th Federal Congress. “When it is said that Spain is plurinational, the first thing is to ask: How many nations? And nobody responds. Or when they say that the Constitution must be reformed, nobody says: ‘This is the paragraph I want to put.’ Because they know perfectly well that Spain is a federal state, much more decentralized than the vast majority of the world’s states, ”he said in 2019 at COPE. “In Spain there has been a very clear nationalist drive since the end of the 19th century. And the fence that prevented that from reaching more, was the PSOE. When a part of the PSOE raises the flags, we have many problems, which is what is happening with the PSC in Catalonia ”, he added then.

Alfonso Guerra in ‘Herrera en COPE’, in 2019COPE

Guerra has also put many objections to the agreements with EH Bildu for “not being in the line of democracy.” “I do not consider it acceptable to want to whitewash murderers or assassin payers, in the case of Bildu, or groups that want the recovery of Francoism,” he declared in an implicit allusion to Vox. All that discomfort with some of Sánchez’s most controversial decisions has led to at least a truce at a very sensitive moment: before the 40th Federal Congress.