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On March 8, Women’s Day, it was not Andreu Buenafuente who was in charge of the initial monologue of Late motive (Movistar +). Its space was occupied by Eva Soriano. “This day is necessary, because we work twice as much, we charge less for the same work, we are only 27.5% on company boards, we are penalized if we want to be mothers, but we are stigmatized if we do not want to be, we are criticizes for our physique, we suffer more unemployment, the wage gap and the glass ceiling, “he said in his speech. Months later, the comedian and actress took over the program in a timely manner, replacing the Catalan.

These two gestures were a declaration of intent. It is not common to see a woman present a format like the late nightIn fact, only one presents one in Spain. It is also the comical Henar Álvarez and he does not do it on a traditional network, but on the Twitch platform, every Wednesday night. His programme This is a late, which he presents from his home, is part of the Amazon Prime Video offering.

Álvarez herself considers that it is still difficult to imagine a woman facing this offline format, she comments to this newspaper by phone: “Yes, there is a feeling among professional colleagues that traditional television has turned its back on us. In their programming you can see that, starting at lunchtime, almost everything is men presenting, even in contests, ”he says. “It is no longer difficult for me and younger people to have female references in the media, because we find them on the internet. Having lacked audiovisual products that interested us in television, we have moved away from it. And that networks also cost women a little more, due to the typical impostor syndrome. We often believe that we have nothing to say and we show ourselves less ”.

It is not only about the number of women that appear in the media, but the role that is assigned to them in it. “I can tell you 15 women who can present a program like Broncano’s”, the presenter and comedian Ana Morgade recently commented to this newspaper, after her vindictive passage through the green carpet of the Valladolid film festival (Seminci). She posed for photographers wearing a garment bag instead of a dress.

The last Global Media Monitoring (GMMP), published in 2021 with data from 2019 and 2020, indicates that in Spain women account for 26% of the people who are informed in the press, radio and television. For digital newspapers and Twitter accounts, the percentage is 31%, which is a setback compared to the previous report, in which the percentage was 28% for traditional media and 33% for digital.

“In the Faculties of Information Sciences and in other branches such as Advertising and Audiovisual Communication there are many more women than men, so the difference with respect to the few who hold leadership positions in the sector is even greater,” he points out. Cristina Pérez Fraga, president of the Spanish Association of Professional Women of the Media (AMECO).

“Although there are some specific advances, the mental schemes have not changed much. It must be borne in mind that the large media are owned by companies, which have boards of directors full of men, ”continues Pérez Fraga. However, such global monitoring does point to a large increase in the appearance of women in the media as an expert source, whose role is to contribute their knowledge to information. They go from 9% of previous years to 34%. “It is a good figure, but insufficient and with little possibility of increasing. There are far fewer female professors than male professors, or women occupying leadership positions in other areas. Gender gaps in the media are just a reflection of a social problem, ”says the president of AMECO.

An organic change

From this season, Eva Soriano presents the morning show radiophonic Special bodies in Europa FM (Atresmedia Radio) with Iggy Rubin. The formula of a mixed pair of presenters is very common among the morning programs of Spanish radio, but this one has a peculiarity: he is her support, contrary to how it usually happens in these formats. The change is spatially significant, taking into account that his space replaces that of the controversial Javier Cárdenas, who was fired from the chain last May. For your presenter it is also a declaration of intent. “It is a complete turn of the wheel by Europa FM to bet on female talent, in a world, that of radio, in which almost all the headliners are men. It is good news that we are starting to make programs that are not ‘for women’, but are formats for everyone ”. The station’s programming features in the afternoons with Victoria Marín and Ana Morgade leading Yu. Do not miss anything and, on weekends, with Lorena Castel with Yu Music.

Eva Soriano is in charge of the morning radio program 'Special Bodies', on Europa FM.
Eva Soriano is in charge of the morning radio program ‘Special Bodies’, on Europa FM.

Both Soriano and Álvarez agreed on The ones that were missing in Movistar +, a space of humor and news that tried to turn this situation around, conceived as a program created, written, directed and presented only by women. But it lasted only two seasons. Thais Villas captained a team completed by Susi Caramelo, Nerea Pérez de las Heras and Victoria Martín. “The audience figures improved in the second season, but the tone did not set. Everything was done in a somewhat corseted way, without knowing if the humor of one agreed with that of another, and perhaps some chemistry could have been lacking, ”Soriano suspects. A much more organic advance seems to him his participation in Late motive, having already had a close relationship with Andreu Buenafuente.

Álvarez went through that same program before. The presenter also gave him his place for the comedian to present his own monologue, in 2019. “For me that text was a before and after. And it can be said that the repercussion it had was the beginning of all the things that I am experiencing now ”, affirms the presenter of This is a late.

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