Madonna confesses that she was offered a role in ‘Matrix’ and regrets having turned it down | People

Madonna has assured at 63 that she does not regret almost any of the decisions she has made throughout her career. However, the queen of pop has revealed that among those few things on her to-do list is turning down Trinity’s role in Matrix, originally played by Carrie-Anne Moss. “Can you believe that I rejected it?”, He asked himself during the program Tonight Show from the NBC channel aired this week. For her, Wachowski’s 1999 science fiction film is “one of the best films ever made.”

The American television presenter and comedian Jimmy Fallon has asked the singer about her also rejection of the role of Catwoman in the 1992 Tim Burton adaptation, as well as the lead role in the film Showgirlsby Paul Verhoeven. “I have seen both films, and the truth is that I regret having rejected the one of CatwomanThat was quite hard ”, he confessed. “Showgirls? No”.

It was she herself who exposed the subject of Matrix on the table after starting to talk about all those interpretations that he had not gotten to make. “A small part of me regrets that moment in my life,” he revealed. Another celebrity who decided not to participate in Matrix It was Brad Pitt, who in 2020 assured that he rejected the main role that Keanu Reeves later occupied, which leads to think how close the adaptation was to seeing Madonna and Brad Pitt coexist as a team, dressed in raincoats and dodging bullets together.

Madonna during her talk with Jimmy Fallon on NBC's 'Tonight Show'.
Madonna during her talk with Jimmy Fallon on NBC’s ‘Tonight Show’. Nbc/The Tonight Show ( / Cordon Press)

During the interview in Tonight Show, Madonna has also confirmed that she is creating an “audiovisual autobiography” about her life, after sharing details of her script, which the pop icon has written with screenwriter Diablo Cody throughout 2020. “The reason why it I do it because a lot of people have tried to write films about me, but they are always men ”, he affirmed with a disapproving face. “Universal Pictures sent me one of their scripts because they wanted my blessing. I read it, and it was the scariest, most superficial garbage I have ever seen. I kept thinking, why would these people make a movie about my life? There is nothing true in the script. The guy who is doing it does not understand women, neither appreciates them, nor respects them ”, he declared.

“There is no one on this planet who can write, direct, or make a film about me better than me,” concluded the artist, who compiles 40 years of career behind her back. For their part Neo and Trinity, protagonists of Matrix, have recently been revived thanks to the direction of Lana Wachowski for the fourth installment of the franchise, recorded 18 years after the last installment and titled The Matrix: Resurrections.

The singer has taken the opportunity to talk about the release of her new album Madame X. Music From The Theater Xperience, a work that has 20 songs live except the last song, recorded by Madonna in the studio. A subject that, as he has assured in the interview with Fallon, reflects his fight against all kinds of discrimination and inequality between men and women.