Lourdes Leon turns 25: the pop princess who did not want to reign emancipates herself from Madonna on the catwalk | People

The first news the world had of Lourdes Leon came even before she was born. In December 1996, sitting on Oprah Winfrey’s couch, Madonna shared with the almighty presenter her happiness for “getting the two things she wanted most at the same time.” Namely: a starring role in the film adaptation of the musical Avoid; and his first daughter, the result of his relationship with Cuban physical trainer Carlos Leon. The young woman, who now triumphs on the catwalk and haunts fashion designers and editors, not only celebrates her 25th birthday this October 14, but also the conquest of a professional emancipation that led her to deny her own pedigree, the kingdom of pop that she was destined to inherit. The it girl Quiet of all, she has found her voice and threatens to make it that of an entire generation as well.

Because it has been during this 2021 when Lourdes Maria Leon Ciccone, Lola for friends and now also for those who continue her career as a model, has ended the policy of opacity with which she decided to handle her media projection to embrace, without complexes, a stardom that seems almost inevitable. In recent months, the Californian has inaugurated your account on the social network Instagram and it has offered the press the eluded interviews for years. She also attended the MET gala for the first time as a full-fledged guest – not as Madonna’s guest – and starred on the cover of the long-awaited September issue of the US edition of Vogue.

“People think I’m a rich girl with no talent who has been given everything. But I’m not, “claimed the young woman in the publication, sharing shots with colleagues such as Kaia Gerber or Bella Hadid. To prove it, Leon decided to disappear from the public sphere, enroll in college paying the tuition herself, and move to the alternative neighborhood of Bushwick, in New York. That was her way of starting from scratch and rebelling against the blatant nepotism that her mother had promoted around her figure. At the age of only seven, he was already performing with his mother at the MTV Video Music Awards and accompanying her on the covers of magazines. At 13, Madonna appointed her creative director of the teenage fashion line Material Girl – “I didn’t even know what she was doing at first,” she came to admit – and without reaching the age of majority she traveled the world as part of the department of wardrobe in the international tours of the queen of pop.

Lola Leon is the oldest of the singer’s six children and the first of her two biological children. Then came Rocco, the result of her marriage to the film director Guy Ritchie, and the adopted David, Mercy, Stella and Estere, from Malawi. Unlike her mother, who has turned her children into recurring supporting actors on her Instagram profile, there is no trace of her family life on the young woman’s account and she is dedicated to promoting her recent milestones as a model. She has been the image of firms such as Marc Jacobs, Burberry, Swarovski, Savage x Fenty or Stella McCartney, another daughter who knows what it is to carve a path away from the shadow beatle. Together with her he made his debut on the catwalk four years ago and with her he has put into practice his academic training in dance by working as a choreographer and director of one of the latest advertising campaigns of the British designer.

“It’s crazy how talented she is. I’m dying of envy because she is incredible in everything she does: she is a great dancer, a wonderful actress, she plays the piano in a beautiful way… She has much more talent than me ”, Madonna herself confessed, aware that the comparisons have meant a torment for his firstborn. Despite her attempts to detach herself from the label of daughter of, she has inherited an activist commitment that she does not hide in her networks – she declares herself a feminist and has harshly criticized Donald Trump’s policies – and an aesthetic commitment that has not gone unnoticed. . Already in 2018 he made headlines by appearing at New York Fashion Week sporting underarm hair, a claim shared by his mother for decades.

Despite the opacity that has accompanied almost any aspect of her personal life, in the model’s sentimental history there appear names as mediatic as those of the interpreters Ansel Elgort or Timothée Chalamet, whom she calls her “first love”. Since 2017, Leon has had a romantic relationship with him skater and photographer Jonathan Puglia, who was an exceptional witness to the latest news that the world has had of the heiress: her participation in the Versace show at Milan Fashion Week.