700 kilos of cocaine seized in the Port of Valencia hidden in a container bound for Portugal | Valencian Community

The stash of cocaine in an image of the Civil Guard.
The stash of cocaine in an image of the Civil Guard.

The Tax Agency and the Civil Guard have developed a joint operation in which they have seized 700 kilos of cocaine that were hidden in a container bound for Portugal. The action has been carried out in the container terminals of the port of Valencia, under the direction of the Maritime Customs, on containers from countries at risk in cocaine trafficking.

The officials of the Tax Agency and the Civil Guard, detected last day 26 a unit whose doors were badly closed and without the corresponding seal. When inspecting said container, it was immediately observed that there were a series of large black bags on top of the cargo, the kind that are frequently used to transport narcotics. The container, coming from El Salvador and loaded with textile scraps, had arrived in Valencia aboard the MSC ship Giselle. It was a transshipment unit, since its final destination was the Port of Sines, in Portugal, details the Civil Guard in a statement.

In total, 21 of these bags and 700 kilos of cocaine were found. This seizure is the second most important carried out this year in the Port of València, underlines the Benemérita. The black market price of a gram of cocaine ranges between 50 and 60 euros, so the value of the stash could reach 42 million euros on the streets, before being mixed.

The stash mode used on this occasion is known as that of the missing hook O rip-off, often used in commercial ports where ships arriving from South America call. It consists of introducing the drug into the container at the source, or at the intermediate ports, without the knowledge of the importing company, which also operates legitimately at the international level. Once the container is unloaded at any port of destination, it is the members of the criminal organization who are in charge of rescuing the cache of drugs within the same port, clandestinely, before that container continues its course to its final destination. , explains the Civil Guard.

The Risk Analysis Unit of the port of Valencia is made up of members of the Tax Analysis and Investigation Office, of the Civil Guard, and of Customs Surveillance personnel, of the Customs and Special Tax Department of the Tax Agency. This group operates in the Port of València analyzing the traffic of goods, and selecting, for inspection, those containers that may represent a certain risk, not only due to drug trafficking, but also due to contraband of any other type or fraud.