Murder trial in Berlin: father killed with an ax? Son is silent in court – Berlin

The giant leaned back when the public prosecutor read out the murder charge: Björn L. is said to have killed his father. He struck with an ax. Four times with force against the back of the head. It happened between April 18th and May 20th of this year.

The 40-year-old defendant, who is almost two meters tall and has many criminal records, said through his lawyer that he would defend himself by keeping quiet.

The trial began in room 817 on Friday in the Moabit criminal court. Almost eight years ago Björn L. was subordinate to this hall Murder suspicion. It was about an act more than 13 years ago.

At the age of 19 L. had killed an 80-year-old visitor to Berlin. Years later, a trace found on the corpse eventually led to L. and a lawsuit using a new DNA process.

At the time, the indictment was initially based on robbery and murder. The judges did not obey. It could not be ruled out that the then 19-year-old acted spontaneously, was drunk and thus less guilty, it said. L. received a five-year youth sentence for manslaughter.

He was released in September 2018 and moved in with his father. The senior had lived in a three-room apartment on Eisenacher Strasse in Schöneberg for decades. Coexistence, in which alcohol is said to have played a major role, did not go well from the prosecution’s point of view. The son attacked the father “without justification”. The senior was innocent and defenseless.

Investigators found the alleged murder weapon in the cloakroom

Neighbors alerted the police on May 20. Because there was a strong smell of decay from the 73-year-old’s apartment. The body was found in the middle room. Next to it a violin case. Two place settings on the table. Investigators quickly found the alleged murder weapon: In the cloakroom there was an ax with “blood-suspect attachments”. At first there was no trace of L.

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There was nothing to suggest a break-in. Björn L., who was already considered extremely violent as a teenager, was soon under suspicion. He was arrested on June 8th. He is said to have remained silent then too.

L.’s mother and sister now made use of their right to refuse to provide information. A forensic doctor was also interviewed.

The defense lawyer wanted to know whether the injuries could have been caused by falling on a “sharp-edged piece of furniture” such as a chest of drawers. The reviewer said she would rule that out in view of the massive traumatic brain injury that was found. A “semi-sharp object” such as an ax or hatchet could be used as a weapon. The process will continue on Wednesday.