Two new attacks against Moroccan citizens in Murcia reactivate the racist alert | Spain

Concentration on June 20 in Murcia against hatred and racism after the murder of Younes Bilal in Mazarrón.
Concentration on June 20 in Murcia against hatred and racism after the murder of Younes Bilal in Mazarrón.EDU BOTELLA / Europa Press

The Region of Murcia continues to know attacks against Moroccan citizens. Momoun Koutaibi, 22, remains in a coma at the Virgen de la Arrixaca hospital after allegedly another man, a Spaniard according to the victim’s family, struck him at least twice from the back with an iron bar to the head and break his skull. The events occurred on June 5 at around two in the afternoon, while Koutaibi was working at the Primafrio company’s facilities, in Alhama de Murcia, according to the complaint filed by the relatives at the Totana Civil Guard post. In the lower part, Koutaibi is listed as a “motor vehicle mechanic” of that company.

The event, which was not known until now, occurred eight days before a retired ex-military man killed 37-year-old Younes Bilal with three shots on June 13 in a bar on the Mazarrón seafront, shouting “¡Moro de shit!”. The relatives of both victims assure that they “did not know anything” about their alleged aggressors.

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Koutaibi underwent surgery on Wednesday and continues in a coma, according to his relatives, desperate for the lack of attention his case has received: “He had been working as a mechanic in Primafrio for years, apparently the boss fired his attacker and told him: ‘the Moor works better than you’. He went after him without saying a word, according to what his colleagues told us ”, they say. In the complaint, they also point out that his own colleagues prevented him from giving him a third blow and that the entire attack “must have been registered in the company’s security cameras.” In Primafrio they assure that “they are not workers of their company, but of another external contracted”, although they cannot explain the events that occurred in their facilities (“we do not know the cause”), or why the name of the company appears in the part of Koutaibi sick leave.

For its part, the judicial police of the armed institute maintain total secrecy about this investigation, so it has not been possible to clarify whether they have already arrested the aggressor and whether he has already entered prison or not. The relatives in his complaint insist that “he wanted to kill him, hitting him in that way, by surprise and from behind.”

Stabbed in Cartagena

In addition, last Tuesday, another 40-year-old Moroccan citizen was stabbed at dawn in Cartagena. The police are now looking for the alleged perpetrator (s) and are still investigating the nature and origin of that latest attack. The victim was transferred to the Santa Lucía hospital. A spokesman for the city’s mayor’s office assured this Thursday that “the Civil Guard is still investigating it, and there is no data that relates it to a racist attack, at least to this day.” However, Mayor Noelia Arroyo (PP) said the same thing when on June 16 a Spanish woman stabbed a young Latin American woman in line at the Caritas commissary shouting “Sudaca, they take our food away!” The prosecution is already investigating it as a “hate crime” due to its racist overtones.

The case of Bilal, who was repatriated to Morocco last Sunday to be buried in his hometown, Beni Malal, was unanimously described as a “racist crime.” However, the political reactions were conspicuous for their timidity while demonstrations of rejection and rejection “against racism” were called by associations and groups of immigrants in the region, which has 222,000 immigrants, most of them North African and Ecuadorian.

The next mobilizations are scheduled for this Friday in Murcia at 8:00 p.m. and on Sunday, the 27th, at 7:30 p.m. in Cartagena.

Mimoun Koutaibi, in an image provided by the family.
Mimoun Koutaibi, in an image provided by the family.

Political reactions remain timid or non-existent to these attacks. The regional president, Fernando López Miras (PP), acknowledged last Tuesday in Cartagena his “concern for any aggression that underlies racist connotations”, after the latest attack was known.

The secretary general of the PSOE, Diego Conesa, attended the demonstration last Sunday in Murcia and explained this Thursday that the current dysfunction of the Regional Assembly, after the motion of censure that they presented with Ciudadanos and that the defectors of the party of Inés Arrimadas boycotted , has “kidnapped with those expelled from their respective parties, both the assembly table and the board of spokesmen,” so no resolution goes forward.

The representative of Podemos in the Assembly, María Martín, presented a document condemning the racist crime of Bilal a few days after meeting, but no party supported her, “the PP because it governs thanks to those defectors expelled from Cs and Vox, and the PSOE because we are not going to sign any resolution that does not come from civil society, “says Conesa.

Finally, the Murcia NGO coordinator has presented a resolution condemning racism but it was not approved either in the Board of Spokespersons last Tuesday or in the plenary session of the Regional Assembly this Thursday, to the “disappointment” of Moisés Navarro, spokesperson for the collective. Meanwhile, from the left and right, they are alerted to the role that the xenophobic messages launched by the extreme right of Vox, the most voted force in the last elections in the region, may be having in this type of aggression.