Germany: Three dead and several wounded in a knife attack in southern Germany | International

The Police of Würzburg, in Bavaria, arrested a man this Friday afternoon for stabbing several people in the center of the city. There are three fatalities and several injured, as reported by the police on their official Twitter account. According to police sources have told the newspaper Picture, the injured, of varying severity, are six. This medium also reports that the agents have shot the aggressor in the leg in order to arrest him. This is a 24-year-old Somali who lives in the city, according to the police spokesman, who confirmed that he is injured and that “his life is not in danger.”

The security forces have also reported that there is no indication that there is a second aggressor and that there is no longer any danger to the population. According to the first reports, the man first attacked a woman in the pedestrian zone in the center of this city of 128,000 inhabitants about 100 kilometers southeast of Frankfurt. After the warning, around five in the afternoon, the city center was cordoned off and numerous troops were deployed.

For now the motive for the attack is unknown, but public television has reported that there are no indications that it is a terrorist attack. The Bavarian Interior Minister, Joachim Herrmann, has assured the media that the man had recently been admitted to a psychiatric center.

Various images and videos circulate on social media of the attacker threatening passersby with a large knife before being neutralized by the police. The man is barefoot and wears a mask covering his nose and mouth. In the videos, recorded with mobile phones, screams are heard and several people are seen trying to stop him. One of them uses something similar to a stick to try to disarm him. Another man confronts him by throwing what looks like a backpack or package at him.

In one of the videos, about two dozen people are seen chasing the attacker into an alley, some with chairs in hand, until a police car appears and the recording ends. According to the account of several eyewitnesses to public television, a shot was heard shortly after, corresponding to the one fired by the agents to arrest the attacker. Police have asked those who uploaded the videos and photos to Twitter to remove them. Subsequently, he has asked those who had audiovisual material both of the attacker and of the events to send it to an internet address.

“Major police operation in Würzburg,” reported the Lower Franconia region police on their official Twitter account after five in the afternoon, shortly after the first emergency call was received. “The surroundings of Barbarossaplatz are closed. Avoid that area. More information shortly, ”he added. Soon after, the agents reported the arrest of the suspect. “There is currently no evidence that there is a second perpetrator. There is no danger to the population! ”, The message warned.

Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder has described the events as “appalling” on his Twitter account. “We cry for the victims and their families,” he has written. Söder also thanked “the courageous intervention of many citizens who resolutely opposed the alleged attacker”, in addition to the work of the police and emergency services. Also the leader of the Conservatives, Armin Laschet, referred to the “terrible news” from Würzburg on Twitter and showed his “respect for the brave citizens” who intervened to surround the aggressor until the police arrived.