The 50 days of silence for Pablo Iglesias after leaving politics | Spain

Pablo Iglesias, last May.
Pablo Iglesias, last May.DANI GAGO / AFP

Not even the day in which the prisoners of the process were released from prison after the granting of pardons, Pablo Iglesias has abandoned his silence. It has been more than a month and a half since the election night of May 4, the secretary general of Podemos took a step back. “I drop all my charges. I leave politics understood as party and institutional policy ”, he announced in that appearance after the tense campaign he was running as a candidate for the presidency of the Community of Madrid, which resulted in insufficient results for his training. The leader who in 2014 became a charismatic and popular character with his groundbreaking interventions in television gatherings left, but before he had arranged his replacement by raising Yolanda Díaz to the third vice-presidency of the Government and pointing to a new leadership model in the party, more collective and headed by “young women”. Behind him, more than seven years of media omnipresence and strong leadership that made it very difficult to foreshadow what was to come.

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That was the last time Iglesias spoke in public. Since then he has not returned to write any message on Twitter. In this time, only a snapshot of the former vice president, with short hair, sitting outdoors and portrayed by the Podemos photographer, has transpired. A week had passed since his resignation and that metamorphosis in his image that symbolized, for the experts, the radical break with the political figure born on 15-M, returned him to the news for a few hours. Since then, nothing. The former leader of the formation constantly receives invitations to intervene in television programs or documentaries, but he declines all of them. Just as he avoided participating in the Citizen Assembly that appointed Ione Belarra as his successor as head of the General Secretariat of Podemos on June 13. An absence that Pablo Echenique, parliamentary spokesman for United We Can, justified by explaining that Iglesias’ will was “not to protect” the party in the new stage. Away from the spotlight by his own wish, the former leader has decided to remain silent while negotiating his professional future.

“I am a professor of Political Science and I had a great time presenting [el programa de televisión] La Tuerka. When that time comes [la salida de la política] I would like to do similar things, “he said in an interview with EL PAÍS 72 hours before resigning. Until this Wednesday, Iglesias had not requested to rejoin teaching at the Complutense University and there is no employment relationship that links the former vice president with the institution, confirms the center. With his leap into politics in the 2014 European elections, he asked for a leave of absence. He worked as an interim professor and the university denied him, but in 2016 the Justice agreed with him. In any case, and as explained by the rector, Carlos Andradas, the Plaza de Iglesias was a replacement, and the teacher had already rejoined, so he had not put someone to return. In addition, the previous Complutense leadership appointed him honorary professor, but “it has been a long time” since Iglesias has not had that condition, says the academic institution. In any case, as there is no link with the university, if you wanted to resume teaching, you could try to do it at any other.

Although Iglesias himself has pointed to his attraction to the audiovisual medium, in which he operates with ease – he has collaborated in different formats and presented Another turn of Tuerka Y Fort Apache until his entry into the government made him incompatible—, there is no official confirmation on the negotiations to conduct a program that could see the light of day from September. The former vice president also maintains a friendship with the Catalan businessman and founding partner of Mediapro, Jaume Roures, but the audiovisual group denies that he is working with him.

While the details of his next professional adventure mature, Iglesias continues to get up early to take his children from his residence in Galapagar to the nursery school of the Congress of Deputies, where he decided to enroll them due to the harassment to which the children were subjected in the surroundings of the chalet where they live. In his new routine, the former leader enjoys his family and reading, sees friends and has even gone out to dinner in the central Lavapiés neighborhood of Madrid. The mask and her new image have allowed her to regain an anonymity unimaginable during her hectic years in politics. At least, until he decides to speak again.