Five simple and healthy dinners for the summer | EL PAÍS Weekly: Gastronomy

Cooking with the ingredients that the garden offers us in each season is not only more sustainable, but also more economical, tasty and healthy: seasonal fruits and vegetables should be the main contribution of our diet, until reaching 50% of the intake daily, according to The Healthy Eating Plate, the guide created by nutrition experts at the Harvard School of Public Health. Tomatoes, peaches, cherries, apricots, bell peppers, plums and green beans are some of the foods that can be used for cooking – with or without fire – during the summer.

In addition to the five proposals that we present below, salads are always a good option. With a generous base of summer vegetables – to which we can also add fruit, which will provide an interesting contrast in texture and flavor -, legumes that can be bought already cooked or whole grains. You can also incorporate a portion of protein in the form of boiled egg, tofu, smoked salmon … and any extra that provides a powerful flavor, such as chives, olives and pickles.

The final touch will be a good dressing or vinaigrette, with a base of extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper, as well as vinegar or lemon or lime juice. If a diner has problems digesting the onion, cucumber or raw pepper, adding them chopped to the vinaigrette and letting them rest in it for a couple of hours will make the dish less aggressive without losing flavor. Yogurt, mustard or mayonnaise add a perfect texture to add life to the popular potato salads.