Copa América: Cavani relieves a Uruguay without aim | America’s Soccer Cup 2021

Edinson Cavani celebrates his goal against Bolivia.
Edinson Cavani celebrates his goal against Bolivia.RODOLFO BUHRER / Reuters

The goal lesson has been the most difficult for Óscar Washington Tabárez’s pupils to practice. Uruguay suffers to score. From own goal to own goal he has found more results than certainties. An own goal by Arturo Vidal gave them the tie against Chile and now it was one of goalkeeper Carlos Lampe who opened the scoring against Bolivia. Edinson Cavani, after a mental block, was able to redeem himself with a goal (0-2).

The Uruguayan team started with errors in the last pass. Luis Suárez tried to deceive the rivals, but his slowness gave him away. He had a shot in front of Lampe and was rejected. José María Giménez put an ideal pass to Cavani for one of his shots that he used in his time at PSG, but preferred to give it to a Suárez who sinned as a teammate and returned it. The opportunity was lost thanks to Lampe’s intervention. The protection of the Bolivian goalkeeper was cracked when Lampe could not reject a rebound from his teammate Quinteros after a good pass from the Uruguayan De Arrascaeta.

Bolivia set out to be the resistance against Uruguay. His timid arrivals to the attack showed a solidarity of passes that did not find auction. They needed their striker Marcelo Martins, on the bench. The Bolivian captain who criticized Conmebol played the last 30 minutes of the game, without any shots.

Uruguay’s driving force was Nathan Nández, a midfielder who was converted into a right back. Nobody ran like him through the band to fight each lost. But not even his strides propelled a celestial ensemble that fell into a spiral of failures. Cavani had two clear goal options: in one he crashed Lampe and in another he sent the header over the crossbar. The Uruguayan superiority was such that in an outpost there were four Uruguayans against only two defenders and Suárez made a mistake when passing the ball.

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Tabárez sent Facundo Torres, a 21-year-old promise from Peñarol, to the field to unblock Uruguay’s attack. In his first foray he outwitted the defense and stumbled at the time of the shot on goal. His rematch was short-lived when, on a loose ball down the left, he crossed for a Cavani who shot from the front. Uruguayan breath.

The 2-0 was not enough for Uruguay to turn on the scoring machine. The best picture of the match was starred by Maximiliano Gómez who, in the last minute, shot in a twisted way despite being alone in front of the goal. There were up to 22 Uruguayan shots and seven on goal. The aim is not dressed in light blue.

The Charruas have had a tepid start in the Copa América. In their debut they fell to an Argentina that knew how to gain the advantage in the stopped ball. The Uruguayan offensive had wet powder. In his second opportunity in the tournament, against Chile, the evil of the goal returned to plan on the whole. Vidal’s own goal, under pressure from Luis Suárez, gave them their first point. They will be in the quarterfinals, but they will seek to avoid at all costs avoiding Brazil or an immediate crossing with Colombia.

Uruguay has its best possible squad, with the luxury tips: Luis Suárez (with 21 goals in the last season) and Cavani (17 goals). Despite this, the team of Maestro Tabárez had not scored a goal since November 2020 when his boys beat Colombia 0-3. This time, Cavani, has finally made a legitimate goal.

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