West Bank: Video shows “targeted killing” of Palestinian by Israeli police | International

The recording from a security camera released this Wednesday by the Israeli NGO B’Tselem shows agents of a special unit of the Israel Border Police (militarized body) who open fire on a Palestinian inside his vehicle and drag him badly injured outside before leaving him abandoned in a Um-a-Shayeret street, near Ramallah (West Bank). The events occurred at dawn on May 25 when 25-year-old Ahmad Abdu was about to start his car, which was parked in front of the house of a relative he had visited.

In the images, recorded in the middle of the night and tens of meters away, it is appreciated that several figures armed with rifles get out of a vehicle that gets in the way of the Palestinian and immediately open fire on him, who was sitting in the seat of the driver. The share has been rated by the human rights organization B’Tselem as a “targeted murder.” The car had bullet holes in the front left part of the bodywork and on the wheels.

Apparently badly wounded, the young Palestinian opens a door of his car, as seen in the video, while the agents surround him to drag him outside later. The border policemen leave the area after leaving Abdu abandoned, three minutes after the armed action began, without giving him first medical aid. Several neighbors who came to help him have stated that Abdu was still alive at the time. The wounded man was transported shortly afterwards by an ambulance to a hospital, where a corpse has already been admitted, with bullet holes in the left chest and legs, and signs of abrasion on the body from being dragged down the street.

The police have limited themselves to saying in a statement sent to B’Tselem that the young Palestinian “died in the course of an arrest operation” and that he was considered “an accessory to terrorism”. The Israeli NGO maintains in an informative statement that “shooting live fire at a person who is sitting in a car and who does not represent a threat to the officers, without having even tried their formal arrest before, is not ‘a detention operation’, but a selective murder ”.

Abdu lived in the Al Amari refugee camp in Ramallah and worked various jobs so that he could finish building his house before marrying this summer, he told B’Tselem his uncle, Ayman Abu Arab, at whose address the events occurred. Abu Arab has told the NGO that a Shin Bet (internal security) official phoned him shortly after to apologize “for the death of an innocent man.”