The United States turns its back on Keiko Fujimori and describes Peru’s elections as “fair” and “exemplary” | International

Ned Price, spokesman for the United States Department of State, on June 15, in Washington.
Ned Price, spokesman for the United States Department of State, on June 15, in Washington.EMPTY BURNER / AFP

The United States Administration hit the candidate Keiko Fujimori a setback on Tuesday by congratulating Peru for having carried out elections that it considered a “model of democracy in the region”, thus ignoring the allegations of irregularities presented by the party of the candidate, Fuerza Popular, who has tried to have the elections declared invalid. In a statement, the spokesman for the US State Department, Ned Price, also described these elections as “free, fair, accessible and peaceful” and supported that the authorities take the time necessary to “publish the results in accordance with Peruvian law. ”.

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The Peruvian presidential elections, held on June 6, resulted in the narrow victory of the leftist candidate Pedro Castillo, who, according to the official count, obtained only 40,000 more votes than Fujimori. The right-wing candidate assures that there has been a fraud of sufficient importance to alter the result and has requested the annulment of up to 200,000 ballots from the poorest areas of the country, precisely where Castillo – contrary to abortion and homosexual marriage, as well as his rival- has devastated. The process of reviewing this scrutiny has already entered the final phase and there are no new appeals, although it can take up to two more weeks.

The spokesman Ned Price highlights in the statement this Tuesday, on behalf of the United States Government, the “deep friendship between the two countries” and expresses his desire to “continue with this collaboration” with the “candidate duly chosen by the Peruvian people. , as confirmed by the electoral authorities ”. The United States, in short, will adhere to what the authorities determine.

In an interview with EL PAÍS, the 46-year-old Peruvian candidate also assured that she will respect the verdict of the electoral court. Keiko Fujimori, eldest daughter of former President Alberto Fujimori, has attended the elections accused of money laundering and criminal organization in the Odebrecht case, alleged crimes for which he is on probation. The Organization of American States (OAS), for its part, ruled out “serious irregularities.”

The electoral court resolves these days the annulments requested by Fujimori. The forecast is that the process will take about 15 days. At that time a winner will be declared. Everything seems to indicate that it will be Pedro Castillo Terrones, a rural teacher almost unknown at the beginning of the year, when he began his journey through the towns of Peru in search of the vote. His virtual victory is a real surprise. In the second round, when Castillo and Fujimori came face to face, the political and economic elite supported the candidate without ambiguity.

The wait is lived with tension. The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) expressed its concern on Tuesday over reports of acts of harassment against electoral authorities and people who participate in public life in Peru. Fujimori’s supporters have gathered in front of the homes of the top officials of the electoral body. Journalists who rigorously observe the electoral process receive insults and threats. The Commission has asked the State to investigate and punish this harassment that has been carried out since the elections were held.

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