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Mila Ximénez died this Wednesday, June 23 at the age of 69 due to lung cancer, as announced by the network for which she worked, Telecinco. The television collaborator and ex-wife of tennis player Manolo Santana had suffered from this disease for a year. She herself announced her ailment on June 16, 2020 in Save me, the Telecinco program where she collaborated as a talk show. Ximénez has died at home, where she returned last week after staying for a few days at the Luz hospital in Madrid. There he had come for a routine check-up but he stayed longer on medical recommendation. Many friends and television colleagues have come to her home over the past few days, as well as her brothers and her daughter, Alba Santana, who traveled to Madrid from Amsterdam, where she lives with her husband and two children.

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There are many friends who have said goodbye, on social networks or accompanying the family in their burning chapel, of the gathering. From Belén Esteban to the artist Lolita, the actress Bibiana Fernández or the singer Pablo Alborán, all of them have shared messages on their profiles, as has Jorge Javier Vázquez, presenter of Telecinco and a great friend of Ximénez, who together to a photograph of both he has written “The journey is infinite. Always together, Mila ”. Through the burning chapel of Madrid they have passed from their relatives to television companions such as Joaquín Prat (who has given the news of his death live), Sonsoles Ónega or Carmen Borrego, daughter of María Teresa Campos. On the same Wednesday afternoon, Father Ángel will officiate a response.

Ximénez spoke openly about his health in June 2020. “I had a lot of pain in [el programa] The Last Supper, My back hurt a lot. I spoke with María Teresa Campos to have an MRI. I thought he had an impingement on his back. The diagnosis is that I have a tumor, a lung cancer, “he said in a telephone interview in front of all his colleagues, whom he wanted to reassure by ensuring that he was already beginning treatment. “They are going to treat me. It is localized, it cannot be shot because there are ramifications that are not very controlled and it is necessary to do radiotherapy and chemotherapy sessions. I start next week. I’m screwed up, scared. You have to help me, Jorge ”, he told his friend and host of the space, Jorge Javier Vázquez. In the last interview he gave in Saturday Deluxe He added with tears in his eyes: “I have metastasis, it is in the lungs, in the liver and more parts. […] I never thought that I would have cancer, I did not think that this could happen to me ”.

In recent weeks she could be seen on the streets of Madrid with colleagues such as Belén Rodríguez, Belén Esteban or Chelo García Cortés, with whom she went out to eat and take walks. She has also been very well supported by her brothers, Encarna, Concha and Manolo. The latter two also had to deal with this disease in the past.

Mila Ximénez and Manolo Santana, in June 1979.
Mila Ximénez and Manolo Santana, in June 1979.Europa Press / Europa Press

Last March, the popular Mediaset collaborator again suffered complications and was admitted again. Just a few weeks earlier, he had announced on the set of Save me that he preferred to maintain a certain quality of life than to undergo such harsh chemotherapy sessions as the ones he received. “Seventy is a good age to say goodbye,” said Ximénez, who turned 69 in May. In 2015, she had already faced a tumor in the uterus found in a comprehensive review before participating in the reality Survivors. The television collaborator had to face a complicated operation, although it finally turned out to be a benign tumor.

The illness that ended Ximénez’s life came to him at a vital moment in which he had found peace and was turning to new projects. Last January, she was on the runway at her friend Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada’s Madrid fashion week show: Ximénez wore a colorful dress with her name and presented the line she created with the designer. Finally he enjoyed family harmony and a healthy economy thanks to his contract with Mediaset and his collaborations in magazines such as Readings, where he wrote a blog, At Mila’s point, in which he has talked about his illness, his relationship with his daughter or his colleagues.

Mila Ximénez, at the Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada fashion show in January 2020.
Mila Ximénez, at the Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada fashion show in January 2020.Getty

The Sevillian came to that world of the heart press because she herself belonged to him as the protagonist: she became famous when she married tennis player Manolo Santana in 1983 and had former president Adolfo Suárez as godfather. A year later their only daughter, Alba, was born. It was a marriage that made magazine covers, but only lasted three years. Later she was associated with actors such as José Sacristán or Pepe Sancho. For years, he was one of the popular characters of the Marbella nights of the time of the jet set, in places like Marbella Club or Marisa, where she welcomed the dawn dancing Sevillanas and rubbing shoulders with Jaime de Mora and Aragón and their friends Gloria Andión and Lolita Flores. The eldest daughter of Lola Flores said last year in Saturday Deluxe that they were still in contact and that he had spoken with Ximénez when he learned of his illness. “I remember Mila Santana, Mila from Marbella. She is always so beautiful and so sexy, my brother Antonio loved her ”, said the artist, who with her death also said goodbye to the presenter and Instagram: “We always loved each other and our confidences stayed between us. My family still loves you and I love you very much, and you knew it ”. That time of luxury and endless nights marked Ximénez, who decided that his daughter would live with her father and his then wife, Otti Glanzielus, and went through difficult economic times.

The popular television gathering began its journey in the media collaborating in tennis magazines. Somewhat later, in 1986, he did it with the newspaper ABC where he was in charge of a weekly section, Café with Mila Santana, in which he interviewed well-known characters, from Cayetana de Alba to Leonard Cohen. He also worked on Magazine, together with Jaime Peñafiel, and at Cope, a radio station where he met Encarna Sánchez, with whom he collaborated in Directly Encarna. A relationship that later provided Mila Ximénez with great television moments and famous confrontations with figures like Isabel Pantoja. After a hiatus of several years, he returned to professional activity in the early 2000s, joining the staff of collaborators of numerous Telecinco programs, such as Martian Chronicles, By your side Y The Ferris Wheel. Since 2009, she had become one of the star social gatherings of Save me Y Save me Deluxe.