France and Barça suffer Dembélé | Soccer Eurocup 2021

Dembélé against Attila Fiola in the duel between Hungary and France at the Puskas Arena.
Dembélé against Attila Fiola in the duel between Hungary and France at the Puskas Arena.TIBOR ILLYES / Reuters

FC Barcelona announced yesterday that Ousmane Dembélé (Vernon, France; 24 years old) “suffers a disinsertion in the biceps tendon in his right knee.” The Barça entity also explained that the Frenchman will have to undergo surgery. And, although he did not communicate the time of absence, according to medical sources consulted by EL PAÍS, the winger will be at least four months without being able to play. That is to say, the Frenchman will not do preseason and will be available for Ronald Koeman approximately in October, with the League and the Champions League in full swing.

Dembélé was injured in last Saturday’s match between France and Hungary in the Eurocup group stage. And, after the first tests, the French team dropped him from the group. “Dembélé had an X-ray done at the Budapest hospital on Sunday night. The recovery time is incompatible with his permanence in the squad ”, informed the French federation, which nevertheless avoided explanations about the type of injury suffered by the player. Barcelona took the baton and detailed the muscular problem suffered by the winger. An added headache for the Barça club: the Frenchman’s contract expires in June 2022.

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In Barcelona they contemplated the option of transferring this summer to Dembélé. The winger arrived at the Barça club in 2017 in exchange for 105 million euros, plus 40 in variables. After four seasons, the pending amortization of his signing is about 30 million. They understood in the offices of the Catalan entity that the sale of the end could be a good option to cushion the global losses – they estimate that they will be close to 400 million -, in addition to lightening the wage bill.

In Barcelona, ​​in any case, they were also working, just in case, in negotiating a new bond for Dembélé. “If you can’t transfer it, you have to renew it. We cannot let a 24-year-old player free with the talent and the market that Ousmane has, ”they assured from the Barça club’s sports area. Everything changed with the Frenchman’s injury. “The player wants to stay in Barcelona. We have no doubts. But the representatives do their job. It’s normal ”, add the same sources. Last summer, from the surroundings of the French they assured that Manchester United followed Dembélé. “We never received any offer,” they responded at Barcelona.

Dembélé’s injury opens a new scenario. “Now the negotiation will be easier,” they estimate at Barcelona. However, the club will not be able to cash in on the French and will have to look for other options. “There are players who have a market,” they explain. At Barça they assure that Coutinho has a poster in the Premier League, while they yearn to be able to get a slice for Griezmann. The former Atlético de Madrid player has the second highest contract in the squad – close to 30 million – and his pending amortization is 80 million. In other words, to generate profits, the transfer has to be higher than what remains to be amortized. In the midst of the economic crisis, it does not seem an easy salary to assume, much less his signing. “The market is as it is and there will only be exchanges,” says the president, Laporta. Without Dembélé, Barça drops a bargaining chip.

Twelve injuries and three operations for Neymar’s substitute

Dembélé signed for Barcelona after Neymar’s goodbye. However, the Frenchman could never make the Brazilian forget at the Camp Nou. It never had continuity. Since landing at Barça, the winger has only played 118 games (30 goals and 21 assists) in his four seasons as a Barça player. He has been out for 536 days and has missed 86 games. A situation that can only be explained through the 12 injuries (11 muscular) that he has suffered. In addition, this will be the third time that he has undergone surgery.

In September 2017, in the game against Getafe, Dembélé suffered a muscle tear in the biceps femoris in his right leg. It was operated in Finland by local doctor Sakari Orava. He was out for four months. Two years later, in a workout, the winger broke the same muscle again. The surgery was led by Lasse Lempainen of the Orava medical team. “This injury was bigger and more demanding than the one in 2017,” said the doctor. In 2021, Dembélé has broken that muscle again, now on the opposite side.

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