Covid in Brazil: How long will Bolsonaro continue to kill us and the world watching? | Opinion

Hundreds of red roses were
Hundreds of red roses were “planted” in memory of the 500,000 people who died from covid-19 in Brazil this Tuesday on the emblematic Copacabana beach, in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).Antonio Lacerda / EFE

We Brazilians and Brazilians are being exterminated by Jair Messiah Bolsonaro. On Saturday, the death toll from covid-19 reached half a million. Only the United States has surpassed that mark, due to the horrors that Donald Trump committed. Today, the country that Joe Biden rules is recovering, with almost half of the population immunized. Brazil has less than 12% and the number of victims grows to an average of 2,000 deaths a day. In the face of horror, what did the president of Brazil say on Thursday in a Facebook direct? He reaffirmed that contagion is “more effective than the vaccine” and that, while he is president, he will fight “so that good citizens have a weapon and are not obliged to wear a mask.”

Overwhelmed by pain and despair, hundreds of thousands of Brazilians took to the streets on Saturday, risking infection and death, to shout: “Get out, genocidal!” It is the second massive demonstration against Bolsonaro during the pandemic. The choice was based on a risk calculation: Bolsonaro is more dangerous than the virus.

While the people take risks in the streets for the common good, the financial elite calculates whether the far-right leader can continue to give benefits in power. As those who die the most are “the cheapest meat on the market”, the blacks and the indigenous, he remains indifferent to the corpses. And the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Arthur Lira, continues with his buttocks lounging over more than 120 requests for impeachment against Bolsonaro, negotiating more charges and funds for deputies in an explicit blackmail with public money.

And the international community, which has great power of pressure in a globalized world? Brazil is too big to pretend that it does not see what is happening, as it does historically with smaller countries and some African nations. Bolsonaro’s plan to spread the virus to obtain “herd immunity” is very well documented. Against the population in general, it is a crime of extermination. Against the indigenous, it is a genocide. But communications for crimes against humanity are stagnant in the International Criminal Court and the authorities, with an unpolluted pose, continue to do business with Bolsonaro.

In the very near future, exponents of European democracy will have to explain what they were doing while Bolsonaro was killing us. But by then it will be too late. Let them at least spare us the debates in illustrated rooms about why democracies die. If its instruments do not serve to protect peoples at times like the one Brazil is experiencing, there is no global community or democracy that deserves that name. Let’s find out how many deaths it takes to offend the delicate noses of liberals.

Translation of Meritxell Almarza