The Catalan Government celebrates the pardons of the procés prisoners, but asks Spain for more

Half satisfaction in the Government of Catalonia after the pardon of the inmates of the process. The head of the Catalan Government, the independentista Pere Aragonés, has acknowledged his agreement with the measure adopted by the Spanish Executive.

Aragonés has also regretted that the Spanish Government has not resolved the situation of former president Carles Puigdemont and other pro-independence politicians who have fled from Spanish Justice, and has called for dialogue to democratically resolve the question of independence.

Aragonese’s full speech

“After three and a half years unfairly deprived of liberty. Our political and social leaders, members of the Government and the Parliament of Catalonia, leaders of civil society, with whom we share an unequivocal commitment to the well-being, prosperity and freedom of our country, they will get out of prison.

They entered with the conviction that they had not committed any crime, with the security of wanting the citizens to freely decide the political future of the country, which in no case can be considered illegal. They come out with their heads held high and their ideas intact. They leave with the reinforced will to build a free and just, European and prosperous Catalan republic. They leave with the conviction that it is time to respect the popular will of the Catalans and the Catalans to definitively resolve the conflict between Catalonia and Spain.

On February 14, the independence movement for the first time exceeded 50% of the votes in an election, confirming once again that there are many of us who are convinced that independence is the best tool to improve the lives of all citizens of the country. To generate more equity, equal opportunities, to generate more prosperity and well-being for all, and there are many of us who are convinced that the best way to achieve this is by the way of dialogue, the way of negotiation, the way of agreement.

That is why the time for amnesty and the right to self-determination, it is the time for an agreed referendum, it is the time for the solution that generates more internal consensus, that ensures international endorsement and that guarantees a totally inalienable social cohesion. Today’s step helps build credibility on this path, on the path of negotiation and agreement to resolve the conflict.

For this reason, the Government of the Generalitat of Catalonia will dedicate all our efforts to making this new stage for negotiation possible, where politics must be the space to resolve a conflict that has been entrenched for too long.

The decision taken today by the government of Spain it is an acknowledgment that the sentences were unjust. PThis is why we are satisfied that the comrades who have been in prison for more than three and a half years regain their freedom. Undoubtedly, pardons alleviate their personal situation, that of their families and that of their closest environment. Undoubtedly, they alleviate the suffering of a large majority of the citizens of Catalonia who demanded the freedom of prisoners and political prisoners, but in no case do they end with a repression against those of us who want Catalonia to become a republic With all the features and all the freedoms, in no case do they end with the disqualification that continues to limit the political rights of the independence leaders who will be released from prison. In no case do they resolve the situation of exiles and exiles, with President Puigdemont in the first place. In no case does it resolve the general cause against the independence movement yet, with hundreds of people pending trial or under threat from the Court of Accounts for their democratic commitment.

For this we defend amnesty, because it means putting an end to all repression, but that we will continue determined until we achieve it, convinced that together with self-determination they represent the great consensus of the country.

That is why we demand that the Spanish State listen without further delay to the call of the parliamentary assembly of the Council of Europe to put an end to the repression, to withdraw the extradition demands against exiles and against exiles, and to end the persecution of political representatives and public servants in the exercise of their mandate.

We demand that the State cease all repression and commit to working to find an agreed solution to the conflict in Catalonia, which is based on respect for the fundamental principles of democracy and human rights, as the Council of Europe recognizes that we did in October 2017.

Time to end the crackdown, it’s time of an agreed referendum and that it has the international endorsement as desired by a vast majority of the citizens of Catalonia. Amnesty and self-determination, freedom and democracy, negotiation and agreement. It’s the moment to go back to politicsLet’s face it with the utmost demand and with the commitment to find an agreed solution that respects the popular will of the people of Catalonia. “