Increase the pressure for Frontex

Frontex, the European Agency for the Management of External Borders, is once again at the center of the controversy. A few weeks ago the European Court of Auditors criticized the huge operating costs, of about 450 million euros per year, given their poor results.

But the list of complaints is long. Frontex is also accused of participating in illegal returns aimed at preventing the entry of migrants, but also potential refugees.

The director of one of the oldest NGOs active in the Mediterranean, Regina Catrambone, co-founder of MOAS, explains that the problems come from above: I must say that for years, through its migration policies and mainly with Frontex, the borders themselves have been outsourced, transferring them to neighboring countries as happened with Turkey … LFrontex’s mission, according to article 47 of the Frontex regulation, clearly indicates that its operation must act with full respect for fundamental rights … Frontex acts with a mandate given by European states, so what Frontex does is what that Europe tells him to do. “

Paradoxically, European conservatives share some of the accusations against Frontex. One of the complaints is the lack of coordination between the European Union and its agencies. “It seems to me that there is an attack against a European Agency that has a purely political motivation. The reasons are probably well founded and sacred, as is the waste of resources. I think it is actually an excuse to attack a European agency that works or should work (despite all the inefficiencies) to control and curb mass illegal immigration, believes CRE MEP Vincenzo Sofo.

Frontex defends itself from the crossfire and questions the same accusatory system with which it was attacked to justify its work. “There have already been two investigations into this. One included members of the national authorities and the European Commission and both investigations have found no evidence of human rights violations in Frontex operations in Greece. In recent years, Frontex has spent a lot and it has been a great challenge for everyone. I don’t think we are accused of being wasteful. The court said we could be more effective and we are working hard on it. “, says Frontex spokesman Chris Borowski.

The problem of managing migratory flows is far from being solved. The European Union continues to act without a clear line and the lack of control and intention leads to complicated situations that put the EU and its agencies in question.