Geneva drives away the specter of the Cold War

The Geneva summit removes the specter of the Cold War. Washington and Moscow negotiate the return of the ambassadors and agree on greater security cooperation.

Criticism of the Republican Party: It is a victory for Moscow

Joe Biden returns to the US after a week full of commitments with the G7, NATO and the EU. He returns home to face criticism from the Republican Party that sees the summit with Putin in Geneva as a victory for Moscow.

Putin and Biden have approached positions agreeing on the return of ambassadors and cooperation in security.

Flashes of light, but without illusions

Surrounded by books, equidistant from the world ball and with a poker face … the dialogue between the two leaders was blocked when addressing the issue of Ukraine and the fate of the jailed Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalni.

Regardless, the meeting was worth it, US President Joe Biden said:

“It was important to meet personally so there are no mistakes or misrepresentations,” Biden said. “I have made it clear that we will not tolerate any attempt to violate our democratic sovereignty or to destabilize our democratic elections. The conclusion is that we need to have some basic rules that we all have to abide by,” concluded the US president.

An approach without friction

For his part, Putin assured that the talks were constructive: “I think there has been no animosity. On the contrary, our meeting shows that our positions differ in many areas, but that there is a will to understand each other and find ways of rapprochement. In summary, a quite constructive discussion, “concluded Putin who was successful in the face of uncomfortable questions from the press regarding the issue of human rights and the repression of Russian opponents.

“The United States has recently faced serious events following the murder of an African American and the creation of the Black Lives Matter movement. We are sorry for the American people … But we do not want that to happen on our soil.”

Ridiculous comparisons and poker faces

Biden criticized Putin’s “ridiculous comparisons” on human rights. Overall, the summit brings light even without illusions.

With this face to face, the respective ambassadors return and both leaders remove the specter of the Cold War, calming the tensions that soared last spring, when Biden called Putin a murderer, after which Moscow called its ambassador for consultations.