EU and US end trade dispute between Boeing and Airbus

United States and the European Union They bury this Tuesday the conflict over subsidies to Boeing and Airbus airlines after 17 years of disputes. “This meeting has started with a breakthrough in aircraft. This really opens a new chapter in our relationship because we went from litigation to cooperation in aircraft, after 17 years of disputes“, in the words of the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen collected in a tweet published by her spokeswoman Dana Spinant.

“The United States is back. We are committed and we have never quite left. But we reaffirm the fact that it is in the interest of the United States to have an excellent relationship with NATO and with the EU. I have a way of looking at things. different from my predecessor “, has assured Joe Biden, president of the United States.

“Clearly the last few years have not been easy. The world has changed dramatically, Europe has changed. PBut we want to assure you that we are friends and allies, and we look forward to working together. “, ha explicado von der Leyen.

Von der Leyen, had shown “Very optimist” this Tuesday morning after the press conference after the EU-Canada summit. “I am very optimistic that we will find a settlement on the Airbus and Boeing dispute today in our conversation with our American friends,” has assured von der Leyen. The teams of the United States and the European Union have been negotiating in the last hours in order to close this new temporary extension in time for the summit between the EU and the United States. After the meeting between Biden, Michel and von der Leyen, the two European presidents will give a press conference in which the president of the United States will not participate.

Last March, the United States and the European Union had agreed a temporary suspension of the tariffs derived from the dispute that lasted until July 11. The goal was to have the time to reach a solution.

A long-term conflict

The dispute between the American airline Boeing and the European Airbus began in 2004 due to the complaints made about the subsidies received. After a long conflict, in 2019 the World Trade Organization declared the aid to Airbus illegal and allowed The United States imposed tariffs on European products worth 7.5 billion dollars.

Faced with the possibility that the WTO would agree to a similar decision with the subsidies given to Boeing and in response to the US measures, in 2020 lThe EU imposed tariffs on US exports worth 4 billion euros.

More difficult will be finding a solution to the steel and aluminum tariff war, a legacy of the Trump era. It would be difficult for Biden to explain nationally.

There are other topics on the summit agenda. Such as the creation of a joint Trade and Technology Council between the United States and the EU, which can be understood as a new tool to fight against the growing technological power of China.