European red carpet for Biden

After some tense years, the EU is dusting off the red carpet to receive the President of the United States in person on Tuesday. The summit will address the transatlantic trade war sparked by the Trump era and which has yet to be closed.

Former EU ambassador to the United States, David O “Sullivan, believes that the problems will not be solved at the summit, but there will be progress. “The first is, of course, Airbus-Boeing, which has been litigated in the WTO for the past 17 years. I think the time has come to negotiate a deal. It is complicated. It is difficult, but there is little time. We need to try to find a solution in the next few weeks. We also have the steel and aluminum tariffs, which we think were very unfairly imposed on European exporters by the Trump administration under the pretext of national security. We really want them to be removed, but we have to find out what the American side needs to feel like it can comfortably back away from that decision. “, explains O’Sullivan.

Besides trade, China will be the big talking point in the room. The United States hopes that the EU will share its position and keep its investment plan with China frozen.

During the G7 meeting, some progress was made to better react to China’s economic growth. The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, made the position of the EU clear in a conversation with Euronews.

“We know that there are fields in which we cooperate, for example, the fight against climate change. But in the economic field, we are competitors. There are parts where we cooperate, but there are other parts where we are strong competitors. Also, as the G7 we know that we need to have our instruments, for example the 5G toolkit for foreign direct investment screening and other instruments. __And then there is the third, and that is important. It is about fundamental rights, human values ​​and democracy. And here it is very clear that here we are systemic rivals without a doubt“, insist von der Leyen.

The leaders will discuss common ground to address China’s rise as a technological superpower. A Trade and Technology Council will establish EU / US working groups in fields such as cybersecurity and technology platforms. “For example we have the Privacy Shield, data transfers, which was again annulled in the European Court of Justice and which needs to be replaced. Those conversations are also ongoing and are vital for the industry to be able to transfer data across the Atlantic. “recalls O’Sullivan.

The EU-US summit will also make room for the pandemic and the support for a joint investigation into the origin of Covid-19 in Wuhan.