Biden restores calm to NATO summit

After Trump’s trauma, this Monday Brussels welcomes the president of the United States for the NATO Summit. Joe Biden is expected to reassure the old continent with a key message: Europe is an ally and NATO a vital element of Western security, even having complicated discussions.

US Ambassador to NATO Douglas Jones confirmed to Euronews that the days of Trump calling NATO “obsolete” are long gone.“In a world where we often see growing threats and also rising autocratic regimes, it is even more important to engage and strengthen NATO as a place where democracy can come together and demonstrate that it can act together, deliver for its people and protect itself. mutually”, Jones details.

However, challenges include Washington’s growing security concerns over China, something not shared by many allies. The French defense minister has been skeptical whether Europeans should share the US’s level of concern for China, and Paris continues to push for more strategic European defense autonomy.

“We do not agree on everything, but we agree on a lot. And on China it is important to recognize that it was not even on NATO’s agenda a few years ago. But it is now and the allies through consultations and conversations have consensus. in which NATO needs to talk about China, we have to face the challenges posed by China in the transatlantic security space where China is increasingly present “, cree Jones.

China is seen by the US administration as a new threat, but the old ones remain. Biden began his trip to Europe with a warning for Russia … and pledging solidarity with allies in meeting the Kremlin’s challenges to European security.

“Russia remains the most immediate threat to NATO and the United States has made it clear that we will not hesitate to respond firmly to the destabilizing actions of Russia even as we seek stability and predictability in the relationship.”Jones points out.

On Wednesday, Biden will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin for the first time, after the meeting between the allies where he will underline the United States’ commitment to Article 5, the mutual defense clause between NATO members.