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The campaign of German Tourism To make Spanish tourists fall in love again, he also emphasizes that the incidence of the virus is already well controlled (34 cases per 100,000 inhabitants), that 43% of the population is vaccinated with at least one dose and that this summer Spaniards can Enter the country with total freedom presenting a negative PCR or antigen test or the vaccination certificate with the complete schedule according to the vaccine.

Here are seven plans to do this summer in Germany:

The Climate House, in Bremerhaven

The Klimahaus Bremerhaven 8° Ost it is a mix between a scientific center and a museum theme park. It displays a unique world of knowledge and experience on climate and climate change. The visitor is proposed a trip to experience different climatic zones of the earth, from the freshness of the Alps in Switzerland, through the scorching heat of the Sahel to the icy climate of Antarctica- The building is amazing and through the exhibition reveals in a spectacular way how the climate influences our lives and what changes they bring us in the future, both by natural causes and by ourselves. The aim is to sensitize visitors about environmental and climate protection.

Überlingen, health holidays in spectacular surroundings

In Überlingen, a German town in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg, there is a long tradition of health tourism. For example, the Kneipp spa – between Lake Constance and the snowy Alps – offers a range of health treatments based on natural healing methods. Water therapy is practiced according to the tradition of Sebastian Kneipp and that of therapeutic fasting, according to that of Dr. Otto Buchinger. At the Bodensee-Therme, on the shores of the lake, the thermal water rises at 36.2 ° C bubbling from a depth of 1,006 meters. A joy! The first therapeutic baths were documented in 1475 and since 1825, Überlingen has been the glamorous spa where many international celebrities pass.

The spectacular landscape of Saxon Switzerland where the Malerweg runs.
The spectacular landscape of Saxon Switzerland where the Malerweg runs.

The Painter’s Way, Saxony

The Malerweg, also known as the Painter’s Way, is one of the most beautiful hiking tours in Germany. It runs between footbridges through a fairytale landscape of Saxon Switzerland. Romantic painters, such as Caspar David, or famous film productions such as The Chronicles of Narnia, Atlas of the Clouds O Gran Hotel de Budapest they used as set filming these sandstone mountains of the Elbe valley. During the route, the highlights are the Lichtenhain waterfall, the Königstein fortress, the old town of Pirna and the spa town of Bad Schandau.

Schmilka: an ecological concept for a sustainable holiday

Schmilka is an old fishing village on the banks of the Elbe, in the Saxon Switzerland National Park, which has managed to preserve its unique and authentic structure to this day. In it, and thanks to the work of Sven-Erik Hitzer, an ecological vacation is guaranteed where disconnection reigns. Sven is a passionate and faithful believer in sustainability and has managed to turn the town into a 100% ecological place. In 2017 it was awarded the title of the most beautiful village in Saxony. It offers renovated vacation rentals with fresh regional organic cuisine and homemade products. Here the slowdown and relaxation is assured: there is no WI-FI in the whole town and the use of electricity comes from renewable energy sources.

Navigate unique waterscapes in Brandenburg.
Navigate unique waterscapes in Brandenburg.

Water activities in Brandenburg

The northern German state of Brandenburg is home to more than 3,000 lakes and 6,700 kilometers of waterways. A destination where all the activities in an aquatic environment that you can imagine are possible: sailing by canoe or boat, practicing water skiing, fishing or enjoying a romantic boat trip on the Havel and Potsdam lakes. Near the city of Brandenburg is one of the largest inland wetlands in Central Europe: the Lower Havellands, where it is easy to spot beavers and otters in the wild.

Baden-Württemberg: the good gastronomy of the south

It is the German state with the most hours of sunshine and the most Michelin stars, enough reasons to choose it as a destination, especially if good gastronomy is one of your traveling excuses. Strolling or cycling through the Black Forest, tasting fresh white fish in a country inn near Lake Constance, enjoying culture in Heidelberg or staying in a spa or wellness hotels guarantee a pleasant summer. The natural and cultural landscape forms an attractive combination. Not surprisingly, the Romans already enjoyed the thermal waters of Baden-Baden.

Sleeping outdoors in a hanging tent in Saarland.
Sleeping outdoors in a hanging tent in Saarland.

Sleeping in a hanging tent in Saarland

In the middle of one of the most beautiful and natural areas of the Saar (the fourth smallest federal state in Germany) it is possible to spend the night camping in a tree, but not on the ground but … hanging from it! What can be normal for a mountaineer, for a tourist can be a challenge. The experience of lying two meters high and on the edge of the steep slopes of the Saarland is not forgotten. More information.