UEFA asks Ukraine team to remove “political” slogan from shirt

UEFA has accepted part of Russia’s complaints about the removal of two slogans that included the Ukrainian team on its shirt. The Russian request also concerned the removal of part of the map of Ukraine that had the jersey and that included Crimea. Recall that Russia annexed Crimea in 2014. However, the new UEFA decision allows the map to remain on the shirt, in line with international law that recognizes the Russian annexation as illegal.

The body has studied the two slogans that Moscow has also criticized and has decided that one of them, the one that exclaimed: “Glory to our Heroes!” he has to be eliminated from the yellow and blue team of the Ukrainian team. “Glory to Ukraine” Yes, it will be able to remain visible on the back of the neck of the shirt.

“Upon further analysis, this specific combination of the two slogans is considered to be clearly political in nature, with historical and militaristic significance.”, as reported by UEFA.

These slogans are chants that were used for the first time in Ukraine during World War I as a rallying cry against Soviet rule and that have been recovered by the country’s military after the conflict in the east of the country against pro-Russian separatists and annexation. from Crimea.

Andriy Pavelko, head of the Football Association of Ukraine, has written on Facebook that the layout of the border “It will give strength to the players, because they will fight for Ukraine.”“Soccer and the national team unite Ukraine! Glory to Ukraine!”, has added.

Criticism of Russia on social media

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova harshly criticized the kit in a Facebook statement, writing that “The Ukrainian soccer team has united the territory of Ukraine to the Russian Crimea in their uniform.”

You have stated that you believe “the illusion of the impossible” and has described it as “cheated”. He added that the slogans were “nationalists” and that they had been used by Nazi collaborators.

“Kiev wants to distance this slogan from its uncomfortable origin and fill it with a new positive meaning so that it is perceived worldwide as exclusively progressive and as much in line as possible with the global agenda”, he added, concluding that it is “state propaganda”.

Will Ukraine and Russia be able to play a match in the Eurocup?

Euro 2020 starts this Friday. Ukraine and Russia cannot play each other unless they both advance in the tournament. A UEFA regulation in force since 2014 separates national teams and club teams from both countries to prevent them from clashing. Ukraine starts Sunday against the Netherlands in Amsterdam.