Almeida: “We know they are not going to give us the 3,900 million we ask for” | Madrid

A peacock gobbles nonstop. The mayor, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, is about to walk through the door. The animal, which lives in El Retiro, has decided to sneak into the great institutional act of the City Council. Nobody sees him, but he is heard. It is inside a pavilion of the park, where the event is held. “But how is a turkey going to be in here?” Says a guest in one of the huddles. It is the conversation of the moment. It’s noon. All councils have been working for this official presentation for more than four months. “Recovery Plan, Transformation and Resilience of Madrid”, reads one of the posters. A very pompous name that, basically, are the works and plans that the capital of Spain plans to carry out with the manna from the new European funds. If arrives.

The vice mayor, Begoña Villacís presents the Municipal Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, on June 10, 2021, in El Retiro, Madrid, (Spain).  This plan, which includes 105 projects with a direct investment of more than 3,900 million euros, is focused on promoting the ecological transition, digital transformation and social cohesion.  JUNE 10, 2021; MUNICIPAL RECOVERY PLAN; TRANSFORMATION AND RESILIENCE; MADRID Cézaro De Luca / Europa Press 06/10/2021

Madrid aspires to finance 105 projects with 3,900 million euros of European funds

Dvd 1056 3/6/21 Mercedes Gonzalez, current Government Delegate of Madrid posing at its headquarters.  KIKE FOR.

Almeida and González: “We are not going to make a pimpernel again”

Minutes before the start, the Security delegate, Inmaculada Sanz (PP), approaches the journalists. He wants to explain the device that his team has designed to stop the bottles on a weekend that is expected to be very university in the vicinity of the faculties. The peacock, meanwhile, continues to sing, oblivious to what is happening under its feet. Councilor Sanz, before mentioning the additional reinforcement of 280 police officers for this Friday and Saturday before the end of the EBAU – the new selectivity test -, clears all doubts:

“We don’t know how, but a turkey got inside us.”

It is on the top floor. The act begins. The institutional propaganda of the City Council is escalating day after day. It resembles more and more the acts of the Community. This great official presentation was also attended by the president of the Madrid employers, the union spokespersons, the Government delegate, Mercedes González, and the deputy minister of the Presidency of the region, Miguel Ángel García Martín. There is a lot of politics at stake. A part of the immense flow of millions of euros that will come from Brussels to Spain – 140,000 million, of which 80,000 million will be non-refundable – will arrive in the coffers of the Palacio de Cibeles in the coming months. This manna of European banknotes will serve to refloat the ailing economies of the 27 countries of the European Union.

It will not be easy. It is not about opening the tap and distributing it proportionally or according to the inhabitants of each municipality. Madrid competes – along with the 8,130 city councils of Spain and the rest of the communities – to start a part of that immense ocean of banknotes. To aspire to them, each State administration has had to present a battery of projects related to environmentalism, the rehabilitation of neighborhoods and new technologies. And they all have to be done before 2025, as Europe has ruled.

Madrid competes – along with the 8,130 city councils of Spain and the rest of the communities – to tear off a part of that immense ocean of banknotes

Both Mayor Almeida and Deputy Mayor Begoña Villacís believe that the capital of Spain can immediately execute 105 projects, as long as they receive 3.9 billion euros. This would represent almost 6% of all the money that will come to Spain with a lost fund. Or put another way: 1,200 million less than the entire annual budget of the City Council (5,200). When and how much will they finally be given to each city or community? In the next weeks. However, Spain will only receive an advance this year. There will be 10,000 million to be distributed throughout the territory, 13% of the funds. And Madrid wants to start a good part. He wants to allocate, for example, 28 million of these funds for the relocation of families in La Cañada Real. He wants to build eight new plazas in eight districts. He wants to allocate 149 million for the new Metropolitan Forest, the future green lung of the north of the city. Thus, up to 105 plans.

Villacís: “It is a good day to remember that we are in Europe”

“It is a good day to remember that we are in Europe,” observed Deputy Mayor Villacís during the presentation. “I call for the Government of Spain to be sensitive to municipalism. We are the skin of the Administration ”. The turkey, meanwhile, was silent. Later, Mayor Almeida closed the event: “The Spanish economy has never fallen so much, but we have never had an opportunity like this.” And he extended his hand to the Government: “Either we take this out together, or it will not succeed. Either we work together or we won’t be able ”. The turkey, popularThis time he did gulp again.

Unlike the Community of Madrid, where the management of these resources will be privatized, the City Council will manage most of it with its public officials. During the press conference, the mayor, however, was aware that it will be impossible for the plan he had just presented to be fulfilled: “We know that they will not give us the 3.9 billion euros, but it will not be a cause for injury. [del Gobierno]”. And, less than a minute later – as happens every day – Almeida dressed again as a national spokesman for the PP to fan Pedro Sánchez for the pardons, for the vaccination of the national team players and for the new electricity rate: “The best way to take this government is with a sense of humor.”

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