Hundreds of criminals are arrested in a global macro-network against organized crime

Police from seventeen countries have arrested more than 800 criminals related to organized crime because for years they were able to infiltrate an encrypted platform that was considered safe by criminal groups. The platform they accessed was called ANOM, according to the authorities. More than 300 criminal organizations around the world have been affected by this gigantic operation.

The encrypted messaging application developed by the FBI allowed law enforcement to monitor millions of messages about drug smuggling, money laundering and even planned murders.

In addition to the FBI, police from sixteen countries and the European Union police agency, Europol, participated in the Trojan Shield operation (translation of the name in English: Trojan Shield). Jean-Philipe Lecouffe, deputy executive director of Europol, said at a press conference on Tuesday that more than 700 places had been searched around the world and more than eight tons of cocaine had been seized. They also managed to avoid more than 100 death threats thanks to the operation.

Lecouffe described this historic operation as “one of the largest and most sophisticated law enforcement operations” and how “exceptional for its overall result”. The deputy director of Europol has indicated that this is “a real breakthrough” that has allowed the authorities to acquire “an exceptional knowledge of the criminal landscape and that will help other derived investigations”. He added that in addition “It shows that the criminal networks of the 21st century are more fluid and flexible than previously thought.”

Authorities in Australia, where 224 people were arrested and more than four tons of drugs seized, said the app was installed on recycled cell phones. More than 12,000 devices were distributed. Its popularity grew organically in criminal circles after being endorsed by some high-level figures and highly influential criminals. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has noted that with this global operation, “A severe blow has been dealt to organized crime” around the world. In this country, agents have closed six drug laboratories and seized firearms and the equivalent of 28.6 million euros.

Australian Federal Police Commissioner Reece Kershaw noted that the alleged criminals are believed “They are members of motorcycle gangs, the Australian Mafia, Asian crime syndicates and serious and organized crime groups.”

In New Zealand, 35 people have also been arrested and methamphetamine, firearms and millions of dollars in cash have been seized during the operation. New Zealand agents have stressed that it is _ “the most complex police action in the world to date against organized crime.” _