What makes a mortgage credit reliable? | Home Sweet Home

Beyond financially facilitating the acquisition of a property, the mortgage loan represents a vital, strategic and definitive tool that gives us clarity, security and integral solvency at different levels, throughout the process that will lead us to have and inhabit the house that we wish to have.

Currently, as buyers, each family is different and requires personalized and particular attention, with solutions that meet their needs, objectives and circumstances. And this scenario is reflected in a competitive real estate market, with different players and options to get a house.

Being a good and a long-term acquisition, which is appreciated over time and provides us with security, stability and prosperity, the acquisition of a property involves different elements, processes, scenarios and mechanisms to evaluate, so we must have A solvent and quality mortgage loan will save us surprises along the way and will make each and every one of the stages achievable.

This is why our mortgage partner must meet certain qualities:

– Robustness. Being a fundamental financing mechanism, the mortgage credit that we are going to make use of must be backed by a solid company that maintains and can prove sufficient, legal and verifiable solvency capacity.

– Professionalism. The company we approach to contract our mortgage loan must expertly and professionally integrate a range of completely useful and trustworthy, with the greatest agility and the best customer service.

Experience. A real estate company that can articulate a mortgage loan to match is also one that can provide us with all the information, advice and pertinent “know how” so that we have the last word. In this sense, it is currently the most experienced players and with the preference of their clients who can provide a comprehensive service, accompanying us and adapting the different loan conditions in our favor, balancing our situation and financial capacity with our purchase objectives at all times. .

– Transparency. Behind a useful and effective credit there is a company that is not going to pressure us to break our financial balance, or make inexplicable procedures and movements in order to place a loan. On the contrary, a clear real estate agent, vast in information and solutions, must always be transparent both with the information and with the service it is providing us.

– Personalization. A mortgage company that deals with us directly and is aware of the processes and procedures, as well as our needs, doubts, concerns and decisions is a company that reflects its reliability in the products and services it provides, always tailored to us and in a timely manner.

In perspective, the largest mortgage company in the United States, Rocket Mortgage®, is a solid example of what a mortgage loan can be in terms of trust, as long as its design allows us to give us absolute control of the most suitable and viable type of loan to buy a property, also serving as an important facilitator in the process of choosing, approving, executing and managing our mortgage credit.

From finding the ideal house, calculating our payment capacity and having the most complete vision of the requirements, processes and scenarios involved in the purchase of our house, our ideal mortgage partner should be the one who has all the “expertise” and “know how ”Necessary, in an understandable, useful and efficient way, approaching a mortgage loan with the best rates and payment program, as well as a robust legal support, always in our favor.