Buying a home: When do I know the time is right for a new home? | Home Sweet Home

They say that opportunities only happen once in a lifetime, but in reality they have to find us at the right time and with the right conditions. Buy a houseAlthough it is not a decision that should be taken lightly, it also implies identifying a precise moment, where the correct opportunities, conditions and approaches indicate that that moment is now.

And it is that, in general, most of us think that buy a house It seems like an unattainable dream, but it is enough to take a look at the different ways, ways and financial mechanisms that exist in the real estate market today, to make it come true.

Although that ideal moment to acquire a property may seem relative and subjective, in the real plane it is not so much and it involves two clear planes, the personal and the market.

In this sense, it should be clear that personal decisions are also family decisions in the present and in the future. What does this mean? What to identify the right time to buy a house, at least on your side implies decisions based on planning, from knowing if they plan to have more children or none, if they plan to settle in the same home for a long time or they contemplate moving in the future, as well as the ideal location based on their work centers, schools, connectivity, etc.

These variables will also have to incorporate a real and grounded financial scenario, where our savings point to an initial payment and our economic solvency indicates a balance and stability in the long term. A good financial moment is one that is free of debt, with a proportion between our expenses and perceptions, as well as a constant monthly free flow that can advance a mortgage credit, at a certain time.

This also leads us to locate the ideal moment and scenario in terms of viability. In accordance with Rocket Mortgage®, the largest lender in the United States, there are several paths that make us eligible for a mortgage loan, where in addition to our financial situation, we can adjust to different market circumstances, payment mechanisms, terms and purchase options.

I agree with you real estate experts, it is in late summer and early fall when the real-estate market the United States registers less competition, contrary to its most recurrent peak (spring and summer), but there are still a good number of houses on the market. Likewise, winter is a season where there are usually fewer options, but where there is greater power and negotiation capacity. Being attentive to these scenarios can play in our favor more strongly and tell us when a season of opportunities can make a strategic match with our financial situation.

And although it is difficult to set a particular month or day of the week that determines the best time to find a house, Quicken Loans suggests that between January and February there is a strong probability of finding the best prices in the market.

Behind the correct moment that will lead us to take the final step, there is usually a meticulous search, where clarity about what we want and the preparation of our financial conditions are added to the possible opportunities. This, along with the advice and “expertise” of a real estate company solid and reliable, it will lead us to know that that moment is the right one without a doubt it is now.