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Last March EL PAÍS exceeded 100,000 exclusively digital subscribers, 27% of which were from outside Spain, mainly from the American continent. It did so less than a year after launching the subscription model and in the midst of a pandemic, a milestone for which readers’ commitment to quality journalism is being key. To these must be added the almost 8,000 readers of the digital replica of the paper newspaper (Kiosko y Más and Kindle) and the 36,657 of its printed edition. In total, more than 145,000 subscribers spread all over the world.

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The director of EL PAÍS América, Jan Martínez Ahrens, met with a group of subscribers in the newspaper’s editorial office in Mexico City, the largest of EL PAÍS in the continent. He spoke with them about journalism, the role of the newspaper in the region, the deficiencies that they identify, the future of digital and paper media and the birth last July of the EL PAÍS México edition. The director emphasized that this commitment to the country and his own edition, in the midst of the pandemic, “is a demonstration of confidence in Mexico” and indicated his conviction that the newspaper has room to grow in the country.

During its first year of life, this edition has published reports of great depth, examples of its commitment to Mexican society, revealing scandals of the country’s oligarchy or the network hatched with Venezuela to illegally sell oil. Also, the special Frontera Sur, made in collaboration with the newspaper The lighthouse from El Salvador, has won a Gabo award for Best coverage.

Although the Mexican edition has just been born, EL PAÍS’s commitment to America and specifically to Latin America has already a long journey. The American edition was launched eight years ago with the editorial offices in Mexico City and the United States as the main hubs. The edition aspired to offer an inclusive vision of the continent, but without neglecting the particularities of each country. For this reason, the network of correspondents already existing in the region was also strengthened, in addition to the one that the newspaper has throughout the world. EL PAÍS is the most influential medium in the Spanish-speaking world with more than 400 journalists, with newsrooms in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Mexico, Washington and São Paulo. The latter is responsible for the Brazilian edition of the newspaper, also active for eight years.

The newspaper’s commitment to the continent has been included, since 2014, in its Book of style, the guide of all the journalists in the house. Thus, in that edition, published a year after the creation of EL PAÍS América y Brasil, it is specified that “the newspaper has had a decided Latin American vocation since its birth, but it is now, thanks to technology, that we are in a position to bring that call to its fullness ”. This reference is maintained in the recently released edition of the manual, which came into force last February.