The EU trusts the return of Mario Draghi as the new Italian Prime Minister

In European spheres, Mario Draghi is remembered as the man who saved the euro during the financial crisis of 2012. The new Government of Italy that will be led by the former president of the European Central Bank (ECB) after the resignation of Giuseppe Conte seems to excite European leaders.

For the President of the European Commission, Úrsula von der Leyen, her experience is “an extraordinary resource not only for Italy, but for the whole of Europe, especially at such a difficult time”, while the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, wrote who is looking forward to working with him to rebuild Europe.

Now, Draghi’s priority is manage the health crisis and the 200,000 million euros of the recovery plan that correspond to Italy. The national plan has yet to be approved by the Commission. A few days ago, European Commissioner for the Economy Paolo Gentiloni expressed his confidence in Draghi’s team.

“I am fully confident that the experience, ideas and skills of the acting Prime Minister can certainly contribute to an efficient and pro-European government.”, expressed the European Commissioner for the Economy, Paolo Gentiloni.

According to experts, his in-depth knowledge of the EU will be crucial not only for the future of Italy, but for the rest of its EU partners. “This year Angela Merkel will leave the leadership of Germany, so we will lose a very important figure in European politics and integration, also bearing in mind that Macron will also face important elections soon. So the role that Draghi can play at this very delicate moment in Europe it is very important “, analyzed Teresa Coratella, from the European Council on Foreign Relations.

A “banker” to solve financial problems

However, some MEPs doubt that he is the best suited to promote a model of social Europe so necessary after the pandemic. “In the end, it is a bit the fantasy of liberals who think that with a banker we are going to solve today’s problems, when unfortunately I believe that it is the opposite and that we are making them worse”, says the French MEP Manon Aubry, belonging to the Left Group in the European Parliament.

Draghi faces an unprecedented context. Italy, which has already passed 93,000 deaths from covid, is facing a harsh economic and social recovery.