“Living with childhood cancer”, an APP to accompany families and control the entire process

Living with childhood cancer is unimaginable for those who do not suffer from it and a real shock for families who receive a diagnosis that turns their lives into chaos full of data and anxiety that are difficult to manage.

“When a child is diagnosed with cancer, a lot of emotions accumulate. Among them the fear, uncertainty, anger, misunderstanding… we are overwhelmed by a large amount of data such as diagnosis, prognosis, treatments, surgeries, referrals to other hospitals … “

Paula Rodríguez is one of those families. From the Galbán association of Asturias, in the north of Spain, to which it belongs, has sought a way to generate some control over the disease in children.

Control that can be achieved with proper monitoring, and that’s where your new mobile application “Living with childhood cancer” what accompanies and informs families throughout the process.

“Marta Eva, a pediatric nurse who is a super technological person, it occurred to her that all this data could be collected in an application”, Paula tells us.

The tool consists of a menu with five sections. “In the Agenda section, the medical appointments or tests to be carried out are noted. Another is the State or Situation, which answers the question ‘How are you feeling today?’, And refers mood, diet, social relationships, play, the child’s level of pain or the exercise they do“explains the creator.

And with the results of these daily surveys, the App provides us with graphs where you can see the evolution “.

In addition to support in treatment, this first APP in Spanish provides a emotional support to families throughout the entire process and contributes to creating a community.

“The parents who are in this process make a family outside our home that is the hospital family. So, in addition to the hardest part that can be the hospital, the App has an agenda for the leisure part that it is also essential for children with cancer. “

A rare disease with little funding

Every year 1,500 children are diagnosed with cancer in Spain. Although with an 80% survival rate, each cancer is different and each patient also, and that is why it is considered a rare disease on which research is scarce.

To this we must add that in recent months all health care has been focused on fighting the pandemic of COVID-19. Paula assures that “this has added a new variable to the care of children and adolescents with cancer, especially in the most difficult months, with the activity of the health services restricted or very limited”.

Confinement has also affected the financing of their own projects, usually through public events such as solidarity races that have now had to be transformed into virtual activities.

Even so, Paula says, on this day of childhood cancer, they hope to “fill social networks with orange” and remember the importance of an early diagnosis of minors for better survival.

The reception of your initiative in Asturias has been very positive. Now his wish is that it reaches all families and that everyone can use it for free.

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