Catalan politicians, forced to agree to govern

The candidate of the Socialist Party, Salvador Illa, has become the candidate with the most votes in the elections in Catalonia. Has gotten the best result for the Socialist party of Catalonia, with 33 deputies and 652,858 votes. The problem that now appears for Illa is the possibility of being invested President of the Generalitat and forming a government.

To see the options that Illa has in Euronews we have analyzed the Catalan hemicycle after the elections in the Spanish autonomous community. It is necessary to highlight the three political formations with more than thirty deputies, the PSC, ERC and Junts; the first two with 33 deputies each and the last with 32.

In these elections the fourth force must also be highlighted. It’s all about VOX, the far-right party that has entered for the first time to the Catalan parliament and does so with up to 11 deputies, surpassing the other main parties in favor of the unity of Spain, Ciudadanos (6 seats) and the Popular Party, three deputies.

Possibility of Salvador Illa, PSC, to be installed president of the Generalitat

In order for Salvador Illa to be sworn in, he will have to ask the president of the Parliament of Catalonia to nominate him. At that point, Illa has two options. The first is an investiture pact with various political formations, among which there are VOX, PP, Ciudadanos and En Comú Podem. An option that is far from the absolute majority necessary in the first vote, would only obtain 61 deputies, far from the 68 of the majority.

The problem with this option, apart from the mathematics, is the ideological setback between the formations, especially between VOX and En Comú Podem. In addition, the candidate of the socialist party, Illa, has already announced that he did not want the far-right party to support him.

Another option for which he was Minister of Health of the Government until a few weeks ago is a pact of the left. It would be a agreement between PSC, ERC and En Comú Podem (Podemos). This pact would far exceed the majority, a total of 74 deputies.

But we can already rule out this option. It was the candidate of the Republican Esquerra de Catalunya who, on the night of the elections this Sunday, announced that he wanted to stand for the investiture. For this reason, a left-wing government could not be reached.

The absolute majority, independentista

The only possible investiture right now seems to be that of a new independence government. A government led by Esquerra Republicana together with Junts and the CUP. They would add 74 deputies. Never until now supporters to favor of independence they had reached such a high result, where for the first time they have exceeded 50% of the votes.

Even with the abstention of the CUP in a second vote where a simple and not an absolute majority is needed, Pere Aragonès would become the future President of the Generalitat de Catalunya. Of course, it should be noted that it would be to repeat the government of coalition that has failed and has led to the catalans to the polls. The only difference is that instead of being led by Junts, it would be led by Esquerra.