The judge who has opened the hotel business in Euskadi: “This happened in the Middle Ages”

Luis Ángel Garrido, the judge who presides over the Chamber that has allowed the reopening of bars in the Spanish autonomous community of Euskadi, assures that “an epidemiologist is a general practitioner who has taken a course“With these words, Garrido has questioned the sanitary measures taken in Spain to combat the expansion of COVID-19, and has called the restrictions of the hotel industry medieval:” they do not differ much from those that occurred in the Age Half”.

“[La epidemiología] It is not as advanced as it seems, “said Garrido in a gathering on Radio Popular last Monday. The next day the order of the Superior Court of Justice of the Basque Country was made public, which authorized the opening of bars and restaurants with schedule limitations and 50% capacity in municipalities located in the “red zone” due to their high incidence of Covid-19.

Contrary to the restrictions applied, Garrido ensures that the current measures are typical of the Middle Ages: “Suppose that sexually transmitted diseases rise 2000 percent and I arrive, the great epidemiologist of the area, and I say: very easy, you have two years without sexual intercourse and the curve will go down, and now they tell you that for the virus to reduce you have to stay at home, not talk to anyone, not go to any theatrical show, that was known in the Middle Ages“.

Garrido is the president of the Contentious-Administrative Chamber of the Superior Court of Justice of the Basque Country, made up of three judges. In August he showed contrary to the proposal to bring forward the closing of the night hotel business at half past one, and in October rejected the restriction of social gatherings to six people understanding that fundamental rights were limited.

The incidence of COVID-19 accumulated in 14 days in the Basque Country stood at 497 people per 100,000 this Wednesday, a figure considerably lower than the Spanish average of 584. In other areas of Spain such as the Madrid’s community, with an incidence of 711 people, the hotel industry remains open with limitations. In Aragon, with a higher incidence than in the Basque Country —547 people compared to 497—, the hotel industry is also open, although with restrictions on capacity and hours. Catalonia, with an incidence that is close to 400 people, the hospitality industry has severe schedule restrictions, but faces a possible outbreak due to the next votes on February 14.