Draconian measures to travel to the UK, including jail time for offenders

The UK will apply draconian measures to control COVID-19 strains, requiring new tests and a 10-year prison sentence for travelers who lie about the countries visited if they are on the “red list”.

The British Minister of Health, Matt Hancock, confirmed today in the House of Commons of Parliament the new rules, which will take effect from next Monday, February 15.

Thus, quarantine will be required in hotels designated by the Government for the British, residing in the United Kingdom or in the Republic of Ireland, who enter from countries included in a “red list” of risk of any of the strains of the coronavirus -the countries of South America, Portugal and South Africa-.

These measures, Hancock added, will be applied in England, but clarified that the Government works with the autonomous authorities of the other regions to approve similar rules.


The cost of this quarantine will be borne by the traveler and amounts to 1,750 pounds (1,994 euros) per person, which will cover accommodation and transport to one of the 16 designated hotels, which together will add 4,600 rooms.

As the minister explained, travelers will not be able to leave their rooms during the quarantine period and there will be surveillance to ensure that the measures are met.

Upon arrival in the UK, these travelers will be taken by staff assigned to these hotels, according to the minister, who has not specified how long the measures will last.

Those who refuse to quarantine in assigned hotels can face a fine of up to 10,000 pounds (11,300 euros).


In order to avoid a possible spread of new variants, the Government will add another two covid-19 tests to the one that is already required of all travelers before starting the trip to the United Kingdom, where, in addition, they are required to quarantine 10 days.

Under the new measures, starting Monday all travelers will be asked – once they have entered the UK – for two covid-19 tests: the first on the second day of their ten days of quarantine and the second on the eighth day.

People who quarantine in hotels will also be required to undergo these two tests. If one tests positive, the experts will analyze the genome of the virus to establish if it is a new strain of the coronavirus.

All travelers will be required to make reservations for these two PCR tests before traveling, Hancock said, adding that the government will release more details on the 11th.

The airlines, the minister explained, will be obliged to verify that passengers have these tests reserved.

If one of the two covid tests is positive, the infected person will have to quarantine for another ten days.


To ensure compliance with the new measures, the Government will impose a fine of 1,000 pounds (1,130 euros) for those who do not submit to the first of the two tests required in the 10 days of quarantine, while the penalty will amount to 2,000 pounds (2,260 euros) if the second test is not done.

Travelers will need to provide their personal details and UK address.

Those people who, when filling in the location forms, try to lie by not declaring that they were not in any of the countries on the “red list” in previous days can face a sentence of up to ten years in prison.

Covid-19 cases are down 47% in the past two weeks, while more than 12 million people have already been vaccinated, Hancock added.

The British Government reported yesterday, Monday, 14,104 new infections of covid-19, the lowest number since the beginning of December, and another 333 deaths.