Italy: Salvini blesses Draghi “unconditionally” | International

The 5 Star Movement (M5S) knocked down the door of the Roman palaces in March 2018. It won the elections with 33% of the votes with an anti-system, Eurosceptic and very belligerent discourse with the banking entities. Its founder, the comedian Beppe Grillo, scourge of that world of establishment which he pointed out so many times as the cause of all the ills of Italians, sat this Saturday morning in front of the man who best represented that universe during those years. Only three years after that victory, the grillinos, an experiment unparalleled in Europe, they have become a force for stability capable of handing over their electoral spoils to former President of the European Central Bank (ECB) Mario Draghi for the good of Italy. The same has happened to the League of Matteo Salvini, a politician who took the stage of his rallies until very recently with a shirt that called for the abolition of the single currency and that this Saturday has shown his “harmony” with the person who saved said currency. Draghi has achieved in a few hours what nobody could imagine a few months ago and has opened politics to a huge paradigm shift.

The former president of the ECB has reserved the most tricky meetings for the last day of the first round of consultations. Saturday was the day of the two games that for years have been proclaimed against the euro and against Brussels: the League and the 5 Star Movement. The formation founded by Beppe Grillo, who has left without speaking after the meeting, has met at length with Draghi. After the meeting, the grillinos They have been willing to support the new Executive, as long as some of its founding ideas are respected, such as the environment, and the Citizen Income is not “weakened”. No obstacle that the banker cannot navigate easily.

Grillo has assured before entering that the “strawberries are ripe” and has asked the support of the new Government. The problem is that the M5S will have to convince a large part of its membership. They may even have to vote on the decision.

The League was the first to hear Draghi’s proposal, that it should not expect this level of unanimity. The leader of the far-right formation did not know him. They had met once at an airport, he admitted. But it couldn’t have been better. An unrecognizable Salvini has left the meeting delighted and has assured that he will not set conditions to support him. “We have been comforted to hear you talk about infrastructure, growth and development. We have had half an hour of debate on issues and the idea of ​​Italy, which in many ways coincides. We are happy that development, growth, public works are at the center, which is what Italy needs to start over. Professor Draghi has put tourism at the center of the relaunch, and we like that ”, he stated.

Salvini, who has dedicated himself to citing figures such as De Gasperi or De Gaulle, has also explained that if he enters the Executive, he will do so “without conditions”, although he could do so, as he says, sitting next to a party that he promoted the process in which he is involved for having blocked the entry of ships to Italy with rescued immigrants on board. “Others say they do not want to go with the League in the same government. We do not put conditions of people, ideas or movements. The good of the country must overcome the personnel and the parties ”, he pointed out. The leader of the League has left the game open. Draghi is due to hold a second round of meetings with the parties next week. “If we are convinced of the idea of ​​Italy, it will be a convinced yes. But if the conditions are not met, because another party wants to increase rates, stop public works, our judgment will be different. We are showing loyalty and seriousness, ”said Salvini.

Giancarlo Giorgetti is the man with the most experience in his party, a hinge with the business world of the League and leader of the most centrist wing of the formation, and who maintained close contact with the former banker. And it has been he who has convinced their leader to enter into a historic operation to form a government of concentration among forces that have been savagely skinned until a few hours ago. And it will probably be Giorgetti who will capitalize on that support through a ministry in the new Executive.

Salvini slowly opened up these days to enter that Cabinet that he rejected at first. “I would like all the games to be there. It is a time when everyone’s energy is needed ”, he launched when his Brother from Italy partner, Giorgia Meloni had already said that he would not enter. The problem of a possible arrival of the League to the super coalition will now be the parties that continue to impose vetoes on Salvini and his hosts. The political toad will be difficult to digest for the M5S, the Democratic and Free and Equal Party, the party furthest to the left of the old government majority, which has already warned that the leader of the League will not be together in an Executive. But Draghi already warned the Social Democrats of his intention when they began to make problems. “I appreciate the frankness. But I do the synthesis. Then, of course, you can say what you think and value it ”, published this Saturday the Republic.

No one doubts that Draghi will have to build a hybrid government: between technical and political. At least, it is hoped, it will reserve a portfolio for each of the forces involved in the new device. But there will be many positions reserved for technical profiles that you know well, especially in portfolios such as Interior or Economy. Names such as former IMF director Carlo Cottarelli or Lucrezia Reichlin are spoken of again for the Economy portfolio. From the former president of the Constitutional Court, Marta Cartabia, for Justice. And some names that I could repeat, such as the official Luciana Lamorgese in Interior.

Draghi, however, does not appear to be in a hurry and a second round of consultations with the parties and the unions has been booked for next week. Some of the people who have dealt with him these days assure that the tranquility that he emanates contrasts with the usually frantic pace of Italian politics. “It is going to mean a historic change in the way we do things,” say sources from Italia Viva, the party that has promoted his appointment by opening up the government crisis.