Protest in Buenos Aires for lack of food in soup kitchens

The lack of food in the soup kitchens has led several social organizations to demonstrate this Thursday in Buenos Aires. In front of the headquarters of the Argentine Government, these organizations denounced a situation that they claim worsened since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Among the organizations that were demonstrating were the Combative Classist Current movement, from Villa 21-24; with Alejandra Lores as a reference. Lores has highlighted in statements to EFE that the grammages of the products for each serving of food they are being reduced.

“The issue of merchandise, the issue of food, which has greatly lowered the quantity, the quality has lowered, at least before we received a chicken that weighed 2.4 kilograms, now they are weighing 1.5 kilograms with all the fury “Lores defended the news agency.

One of the complaints by social groups is the soup. They ensure that soup kitchens no longer serve soup on the menu and that the delivery of the meat has been reduced compared to the rations of before.

The COVID-19 pandemic is the main cause of social deterioration

Soup, meat, chicken … There are several claims of social organizations, among the claims also highlights the need to increase funds to cover basic needs such as gas costs since the social entities of Buenos Aires They say that with the subsidy they receive, 40,000 pesos, about € 380, “it is not enough.”

A problem added to the social aggravation of the pandemic is the added risk they have in their work. Social entities have ensured while protested in front of the Government of Argentina that several of the members of their organizations have died due to COVID-19. The situation makes their work difficult since many of these associations work in the poorest neighborhoods in Buenos Aires.

“The city government thinks that the pandemic is over, but it is not, in fact we are doubling the security so that the compañeras are more careful, because there is a reappearance, it cannot be that the Government turns a deaf ear, short sight and cut the merchandise to the picnic areas and canteens that are serving in the neighborhoods, “Sheina Gómez, a member of Standing Neighborhoods.

The only solution they have found to current situation is individual solidarity but they emphasize that it is not enough. For this reason they have begun to organize in the absence of merchandise in “crisis committees of each column”.

“We come in an economic crisis and a pandemic where no one expected it, no matter how good will one may have, it is not enough, we need the City government take over the issue and lower what corresponds, with only good will of the companions who are 24 hours in the dining rooms is not enough, “added Gómez, of the entity Standing Neighborhoods in Argentina.

The Government ensures that its policies guarantee the provision of food

From the headquarters of the Government of Argentina but they have ensured that they fulfill their public service function. In statements to EFE, the Ministry of Human Development and Habitat of the City of Buenos Aires, a government headed by the opposition Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, assures that they continue to carry out their food safety policies, “guaranteeing the provision of fresh and dry food to the network of agreed and assisted community kitchens, as well as through exceptionally instrumented food reinforcements”.

“We maintain that there was no cut in the delivery of food to dining rooms. The specific fact that some community kitchens highlight is not a decrease in servings but there was a change in the menu. The summer menu is being delivered which, in some cases having a lower weight in grammage, its nutritional content has the same nutritional values ​​as the winter menu, “highlights the statement that the ministry sent to Efe.