The Starcraft video game An inspiration to fight the COVID-19 pandemic?

It is an analogy that will delight video game fans and those who closely follow the evolution of health measures against the COVID-19 pandemic. The American doctor Eric Feigl-Ding, epidemiologist and health economist, has detailed in a Twitter thread how the fight against the new coronavirus could be inspired by the real-time strategy game Starcraft. According to him, the Terran (the humans in the game) versus the Zerg (aliens with exoskeletons inspired in part by the movie Alien) should be the main source of inspiration.

“Remember the battles between the Terrans and the Zerg? The Zerg evolve very quickly and their swarms are unstoppable once they mutate, evolve and infect on a large scale. The Terran can only win if they stop the zerg sooner or if they develop rapidly from the ground up. technological point of view, “said the visiting scientist from the Federation of American Scientists in Washington DC. A lesson that means, applied to the current health situation, “rapid containment and vaccination”.

The American scientist, a graduate of the prestigious Johns Hopkins University (a world reference in the evolution of the pandemic) and who has been playing StarCraft since adolescence (he is 37 years old), has “learned the dynamics of the game through hundreds of games of Terran vs. Zerg, you learn what works and what doesn’t. ” And complacency never works when fighting an infestation of hyper mutant enemies.

“The zerg always try to counter by blowing up the map, establishing more colonies because they can create incubators quickly. The Zerg always have an expansion advantage over the Terran. And if the Terran try to expand, the Zerg simply mutate to become more advanced creatures.” .

A doomed strategy for the human side: “The Terran are very good at fortifying themselves and using siege tanks + turrets, but this defense strategy never works to win a direct Terran battle against Zerg. Zerg swarms will always outnumber to human armies if we just sit around doing nothing. “

“Losing the doctors is losing the battle”

Microclinic International’s chief health economist believes that “if you don’t act quickly against a rapidly evolving pest, you will always lose out. So if we don’t stop the Zerg or coronaviruses through containment measures and a strategy of #ZeroCovid, we will lose. If we do not vaccinate fast enough, we will lose. It’s as simple as that “explains one of the tweets in the thread.

A strategy that in our current battle depends on the medical personnel who fight in the front line against the disease: “You know, when they fight the Zerglings, when do the Terran Marines lose? When they run out of doctors !! That is why we cannot overload our hospitals and we need personal protective equipment for our caregivers. Losing doctors is losing the battle. “

Dr. Ding, who was a professor and researcher at Harvard’s Chan School of Public Health and Harvard Medical School between 2004 and 2020, concludes: “The only way to win against a rapidly evolving and changing enemy scourge, like the Zerg or COVID-19, it’s to act fast against it. That means fast vaccinations, fast vaccine updates to suit the enemy, and an aggressive and bold #ZeroCovid approach to win. “