Sputnik V victory despite misgivings

The effectiveness of the Russian Sputnik vaccine is being a real victory. Serbia has wasted no time in the procurement of vaccines and its campaign is the second most advanced in Europe after the United Kingdom. Partly because of opening up to Russian and Chinese options.

The EU candidate country maintains strong ties with Russia. Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabić claims to have neglected geopolitical considerations in managing the global health crisis.

“Serbia was one of the few countries that considered buying and distributing vaccines not so much as a geopolitical issue. And that has been the key to our success. The only relevant issue for us is that the vaccine is safe and effective. I think the situation It would be very different today if everyone saw the vaccine as a health problem and not as a geopolitical issue, “said Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabić.

Serbia and Hungary endorse the victory of Sputnik V

But it’s not just about geopolitical rivalries. Initial misgivings in the West about the safety of the Sputnik V vaccine were due in part to the fact that the vaccine developed very rapidly and also to the intense propaganda that Moscow made of it.

“We know that in Russia many doctors refuse to accept it. The Russian president so far has not been vaccinated with the Russian vaccine and opinion polls reflect a lot of distrust in Russia regarding Sputnik V. And I think that is partly because Russia it oversold and politicized the publicity of its vaccine last summer, which in the medium term sowed distrust regarding its efficacy, “analyzes researcher Nicu Popescu, who heads the group” A Wider Europe “at the European Council on Foreign Relations.

A victory despite misgivings

Despite this, Hungary has already authorized the Sputnik V vaccine and other EU countries such as Germany and France could follow in their footsteps … if approval from the European drug agency is achieved.

Sputnik V could be distributed in EU countries like Germany and France

“As soon as a laboratory registers a vaccine with the European Medicines Agency, it is studied regardless of its nationality. We just need to know that it is efficient and the Russian vaccine will be studied just like the others.” declared Gabriel Attal, spokesman for the Government of France.

The European Commission is urgently seeking millions of additional doses following the AstraZeneca dispensation problem, which has left the bloc facing a severe vaccine shortage. But Brussels insists that the safety of citizens will never be compromised.