Italy entrusts Mario Draghi to get out of the political crisis

The former president of the European Central Bank (ECB) Mario Draghi will be in charge of forming an emergency government in Italy, after the former government partners have not found an understanding to reissue the previous Executive.

The Head of State, Sergio Mattarella, has summoned the prestigious economist for this Wednesday at noon to try to end this political crisis, caused by former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi by withdrawing his party, Italia Viva (IV), from the old coalition.

“I call on all political forces in the country to give life to a government that does not identify” with any party and that is “high profile” to “face the present emergency”, referring to a triple health crisis. , social and economic, “said Mattarella.

In his speech, the President of the Republic said that the other possible option at this time was to hold elections, but he justified his decision not to convene them because it would entail the lack of a government in full capacity during crucial months in the fight against the pandemic.

Unreconcilable positions

The president of the Chamber of Deputies, Roberto Fico, had received last Friday the commission from the head of state to probe the former government partners a possible reconciliation to form a new majority: Five Star Movement (M5S), the PD (center-left), LeU (left) and IV (center), by Renzi.

They were joined by the newly created group of “Europeans”.

After a round of consultations between Saturday and Sunday, these parties began debating a common political program on Monday and continued on Tuesday.

In recent days there had been talk of a good climate among the former partners, but this Tuesday sources close to the conversations confirmed to EFE that there was some pessimism about the demands of Renzi’s party in different matters such as Justice.

The former prime minister, who on Monday had trusted that “at the end of the week” there would be a government, said this Tuesday on social networks that Italia Viva took “note of the ‘no’ of the former government partners” on issues such as justice, health or education, and was entrusted to the wisdom of the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella.

The political head of the 5 Star Movement (M5S), Vito Crimi, lamented that despite the fact that the former partners have made “a great effort to try to create a government that manages the pandemic” and the “urgent matters of the country”, Italia Viva has continually obstructed conversations.

“It is clear that the objective was to obtain more ministries and decide on the ministries of the other parties. The one who has put obstacles has been Matteo Renzi,” he has settled.

Also the senator of the government party Free and Equal (LeU) Loredana De Petris blamed Renzi for the break: “We have made a great effort in these days to reach an agreement and we thought that the conditions were really going to be in place to move forward, but Italia Viva’s position has not moved. “

Several pitfalls to overcome

There were several obstacles to overcome, including the figure of the prime minister, who all parties except IV were clear that it should be the acting prime minister, Giuseppe Conte, and the government team had to be defined as well.

IV Senator Davide Faraone indicated at the end of the meeting that the break was the result of the old majority proposing “the same scheme.”

“We have not put a veto on Conte, but we have not supported him either. If you propose the same prime minister, give me elements of change with the old government, in the reforms, in the team of ministers,” continued Faraone.

Other obstacles to be resolved were the management of the 209,000 million that Italy may receive from the European recovery fund or the possibility of Italy going to the European Stability Mechanism (ESM), a system that the M5S has always opposed because it considers that it entails austerity , and that Renzi welcomes.

The right wing calls for an end to this crisis

For their part, the parties of the right, Liga, Brothers of Italy and Forza Italia, have insisted that it is essential to put an end to this crisis immediately so that the country can move forward.

Forza Italia has shown itself in recent days willing to support a government of national unity and this Tuesday Senator Maurizio Gasparri criticized Renzi for unleashing this situation of uncertainty: “He is a politician who with a 2% vote intention is causing a chaos in Italy tremendous “.