Female entrepreneurship in rural Madrid

A workshop supports women who want to create companies, usually linked to crafts, in the surroundings of the Spanish capital.

Helena Argüello has achieved a business possibility with her activity. She put her job aside to raise her children and found a job opening as a toy craftswoman. This was helped by her participation in ‘Enraizadas’, a workshop for twenty women in the Sierra de Madrid. “It has helped me to bring my own project to earth, to see what are the difficulties and what are the values ​​that this thing that I do has, that I did not see before, before it was more in before it was a little more in the air. I didn’t know about marketing, accounting, or expenses, “says Helena Argüello.

Karmele Angulo was also there, who works jewelry and enamel. The sessions also served for the participants to create an association of artisan women highlighting feminist values ​​such as cooperation. “We were going with our small projects, but we have not been realizing that as a group we can do more things, that we can be much more active, that we can be more visible”, declares Karmele Angulo.

The association has been limited by the pandemic. The workshop in which these women have participated encourages the projects to be sustainable. The idea is also that they can contact small companies already established to improve their training and business opportunities.

More activity in nuclei at risk of depopulation

By not having large companies, the region in which they work also improves its prospects by promoting women. Andrés Rapaport, councilor of Fresnedillas de la Oliva believes that “It is ideal for this area because it allows us not to empty, it allows us to continue growing without affecting that heritage we have, which is contact with nature”, Says Andrés Rapaport.

The ‘Tangente’ group is preparing the second edition of the Enraizadas workshop. In 2015 they began to support women entrepreneurs also from outside the rural area. “We do not seek that success as society understands it. For us, the success of a project is that a woman can live with dignity from her work and from what she likes to do. And that he can reconcile his life, which is very important, with his work”, Explains Lourdes Jiménez, head of communication.

For the first time this year, they extend the project to the entire country electronically.