“COVID tongue”: mouth sores and rashes could be symptoms of coronavirus, according to expert

The growing list of possible strange symptoms of COVID-19 may have another entry: “The COVID language.”

Although loss of taste is a known symptom, the British researcher Tim Spector OBE, which is helping to track the red flags, claims that some patients report that they have developed painful mouth ulcers or rashes on their tongue.

Spector, Professor of Genetic Epidemiology at King’s College London and Principal Investigator of the App ZOE COVID Symptom Study, which tracks the symptoms of the disease, has dubbed it “COVID language.”

The “COVID tongue” could be one of many often overlooked “non-classical symptoms”, such as skin rashes and changes in the palms of the hands or feet, known as “COVID fingers.”

“We have about four and a half million people who have given us their symptoms in three countries and now we have more than 20 symptoms of COVID, so we are finding rare symptoms that have not been noticed before,” said Professor Spector.

Professor Spector describes the “COVID tongue” as a situation in which “pieces of the tongue are dislodged, called” scalloping “, and a velvety coating of the tongue often occurs, which appears to be associated with other symptoms of COVID, sometimes with rashes, but often occurs after the first classic symptoms. “

“Most doctors were ignorant of it, not believing it was related, but now, with all these growing reports, it seems like it is part of this syndrome,” he said.

“It resembles other tongue conditions that are affected by viruses. It is also called ‘geographic tongue’ because your tongue looks like a map of the world because of the way it has some parts that are raised and others that are lowered “.

“The COVID language is not yet common. Fewer than one in 100 people have reported the problem, but it may increase when people realize it is associated.”

“People have been sending me photos of their language and now we routinely ask for them in our app,” he explains.

“This tells people that there are many different symptoms of COVID-19, which especially in the early days, that the medical community was not recognizing. And it is really essential that if something unusual happens, something that you really do not expect, while because COVID is so widespread in Europe people should think that it could be related, and take appropriate precautions. “

The application receives reports from about a million and a half users a day. The next step is to contrast what proportion of people who report cases of “COVID language” test positive. Spector believes that “COVID tongue” could be confirmed as one of the symptoms of the insidious disease.

Original interview in English in the program Good Morning Europe from the english edition of euronews.