Threats and distrust of vaccine supply between the EU, UK and laboratories

The dispute over the supply of vaccines in which the United Kingdom, the European Union and pharmaceutical companies are immersed reached its peak on Friday night.

The European Commission put on the table the activation of article 16 of the Brexit agreement, which would reestablish a tough border between Northern Ireland and the Republic, before backtracking a few hours later.

A press release late in the afternoon confirmed that the EU is ready to control vaccine exports, but not to the extent of establishing a hard border in Northern Ireland.

Ursula Von Der Leyen announced that there had been contacts with the British and the Irish. The Prime Minister of Ireland welcomed the final decision of the EC. A “positive development”, he said in a tweet, after having had “constructive talks” with Von der Leyen.

Hereinafter the European authorities will look closely at the destination of each dose of the vaccine produced and exported from the EU.

After the controversy with AstraZeneca, Europe approves its vaccine

Brussels accuses AstraZeneca of not respecting the contractBut the truth is that when it was released on Friday, the rigidity of the accusations was open to interpretation.

The same day that AstraZeneca was found suspicious, the EMA approved his vaccine, which is technically easier to transport and store. The company must deliver 400 million doses at 27.

Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine expected in a week

Another player is about to come into play, perhaps as early as February, and it is Johnson & Johnson, whose vaccine offers less immunity than Pfizer and Moderna (66%), but requires only one dose.

“We are working very hard on the data and we are ready for delivery over the next week in the United States. Very quickly, almost in parallel, we will deliver in Europe. The Medicines Regulatory Agency and different countries and we will work with the World Organization to ensure that it can be approved globally, “said Paul Stoffels, Chief Scientific Officer of Johnson & Johnson.

Another vaccine with promising results after completing phase 3 of the clinical trial is Novavax, with an immunity response of 89.3%. The European Union is negotiating with the American laboratory to purchase its doses, which have not yet been approved for massive use in any country.

The Russian Sputnik V, waiting for the EMA

Other European countries already have the Sputnik V vaccine, currently registered in 15 countries around the world. A new batch of 40,000 doses arrived in Serbia on Friday.

Russia announced on Friday that it is willing to deliver 100 million doses to the European Union of its preparation during the second quarter of the year, a delivery that would be subject to the approval of the European Medicines Agency.

For its part, Hungary approved the Russian vaccine a few weeks ago, bypassing the EMA, and last Friday it also gave the green light to the Chinese Shinopham.