Mattarella tries to resuscitate the same Government to get out of the crisis in Italy | International

The President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella, this Friday, in Rome.
The President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella, this Friday, in Rome.ALESSANDRA TARANTINO / AFP

The President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella, ended his round of consultations with the parties on Friday afternoon to resolve the government crisis. The Head of State, after an hour of meeting with his team, announced that he will try to reactivate the same political alliance that gave life to the previous Executive. He did not specify whether the resigned prime minister, Giuseppe Conte, should be in charge, but gave an exploratory mandate to the president of the Chamber of Deputies and member of the 5 Star Movement, Roberto Fico, to probe all the forces involved.

Mattarella asked that the crisis be resolved quickly. There is no time to lose, especially when Italy must deliver the final design of the Recovery Plan that would allow it to access aid worth more than 200,000 million euros. “The three emergencies that we live, health, social and economic, require immediate government initiatives. You have to quickly give life to a suitable Executive, “he said. However, Mattarella does not want mistakes this time and has given Fico – who had also sounded like a possible candidate if Conte failed to prevail – until next Tuesday to return to the Quirinal Palace with a diagnosis and a proposal to leave the blocking.

The formula used, provided for in the Constitution, makes it possible not to burn a candidate —Conte is the best placed— trying to gain support from the political forces. And furthermore, Matteo Renzi’s demand to verify whether there is a real majority before speaking of the candidate is satisfied. To do this, an “explorer” is sent, who will meet with the parties that made up the old Executive (5-Star Movement, Democratic Party, Free and Equal, and Italia Viva) and will probe their real availability to support a specific candidate. “In the colloquia in the Quirinal in these hours with the parliamentary political forces, a perspective of a political majority has emerged with the groups of the previous government. This availability will be verified in its concrete practicability ”, Mattarella announced in institutional language.

Italia Viva, Renzi’s party, is the only one that has not explicitly asked that the candidate to lead the new Executive be Conte again. In fact, the Florentine, deeply at odds with the resigned prime minister, will try until the last moment to find a formula that allows him to avoid it. But the pressure will be maximum and a part of his party has asked him not to push his pulse too far, for the good of the country and of the formation itself.

The problem, however, does not come only from Renzi’s flank. The delegation of the 5 Star Movement recoiled yesterday after its meeting with Mattarella, swallowed the words of his last days (“never again with Renzi”) and assured that he is willing to work on a legislative pact with Italia Viva. A movement that opened deep cracks in the populist formation that will have to heal in the next few hours to be able to continue with the operation that Mattarella has set out to achieve.