The Spurs made Tony Parker grow sportingly and as a person

It is not easy to make your dreams come true. Unless you are Tony Parker, the most famous basketball player in France, who triumphs in everything that is proposed. Guest in the Global Conversation space, Parker confesses that he wanted to play in the NBA and he got it. And more than that: was the best point guard in the North American league for a long time. The same goes for his plans after ending a brilliant sports career.

Four titles of NBA champion with the Spurs of San Antonio, an award for best player in the final, in 2007, and an unforgettable performance in France’s triumph at the 2013 European Championship. Parker has always played to win … except when she accepted the challenge of Euronews journalist and former Italian international, Stefania De Michele. A small concession before telling us more about his illustrious career and future plans.

-A dream come true-

“Not even in my wildest dreams, when I was a child, could I imagine everything that has happened to me or how my career would end, with the removal of my shirt. I thought that would not be possible, ever, for someone like me, who is coming from Normandy, where I grew up, in a small town. It has been very nice to realize this. Because since I retired, finally, little by little, I am realizing everything I achieved with the Spurs. Right now I feel very nostalgia for the book I’ve written and the documentary that can be seen on Netflix. It’s nice to see your 20-year career reflected in a movie. “

-The stage at the San Antonio Spurs-

“Obviously, I was very lucky to play on that team. I worked really hard, yes. But at the same time, I was in a franchise where I really wanted to win. And, the values ​​of that franchise, they made me a better person. They made me a better person. A better basketball player but they also made me grow as a person. It takes hard work, discipline, sacrifices … and, I, I was determined to get to the NBA. At that time, there were no European bases. There were not many European players, so I took in all the pressure from the new generation to make sure I did well and earned the respect of the players and coaches, North Americans. At first it was very hard but it made me very strong mentally and I showed them that Europeans can also play to basketball.”

-Greatful of basketball-

“For me, it is very important to offer something in return. As I have already told, I feel blessed. I have had great coaches. The way I was raised, I do not forget where I come from so, I started with the acquisition of a team called l “Asvel in Lyon. That was the beginning. Then I decided to acquire the women’s team because I wanted to do a project that was unique. So I wanted to do something where men and women were equal and part of the same entity. The last step was the training center. It was inaugurated a year and a half ago. It was very special to me. I wanted to take care of the elite of basketball but I also wanted to take care of all the kids who are not going to become professionals because I know that 95 percent of those kids are not going to become professionals. So, the motto of this center is ‘Come to the training center and get a job’. I take it very seriously. For me, it is very important that these guys do it, that they get a job and that they be happy. “

-Basketball in the framework of the pandemic-

“The current situation is very tough. Obviously, right now, we are immersed in one of the greatest crises of all time. That is why it is very hard to try to keep all the projects going. But you have to be creative. You have to be positive. and you have to try to find solutions. But, without a doubt, right now we are living in difficult times. But in the end, all this can make you stronger, mentally and, also, can strengthen your character “.

-His sports life reflected on the screens-

“It’s an honor. A real honor. When Netflix first asked me to do the movie, I was like, oh wow! I couldn’t believe it because I was involved in a project with my company, Infinity Nine Media. tracking and compiling some images from my senior year. At the beginning of this project, I was contacted by Netflix. They said they would be interested in making a documentary about my figure. So, for me, it was an honor. “

-The two homes of Tony Parker-

“I always say that I have two homes. Now I divide my life between them. I am half the time in the United States and the other half in France. I love both countries. I always say that I have two homes so, in both, I feel that I am at home”.

-A new era in American politics-

“I am very happy with the way things are going. It is a new era. I am very happy with how the elections have gone. I think we have a bright future.”.

-A dream for the present-

“The biggest dream? I think that, right now, as the years go by, it’s just about having good health and that my children and my family members also have good health. I think the most important thing, given the situation in the that we find ourselves now, is simply to wish everyone health. “

-The advice of a champion-

“If I could give someone advice, it would be to be positive and believe in their dream. I think you have to have big dreams. If you tell your dream to someone and they do not consider that you are crazy, then your dream is not enough big”.