Concern and criticism in Mexico for the positive of López Obrador

Mexico is concerned about the contagion of COVID-19 by President López Obrador and criticizes his lack of prudence in the face of the pandemic. A contagion to which another of the first order was added this Monday, that of the magnate Carlos Slim, the most powerful and influential Mexican businessman, showing that no one is immune to the virus.

In the fourth country with the most deaths in the world from the pandemic in global terms, many criticize the carelessness shown by President López Obrador and, in particular, his refusal to put on the mask.

“It’s unfortunate. a lot had been played without wearing a mask… If you go from here to there you have to be protected and get vaccinated “says the owner of a newsstand.

“Well, if he doesn’t wear a mask or anything, then what else? This is what happens to people who don’t wear a mask”criticizes a young woman.

If you are not taking the necessary measures, no one is going to follow what you are telling us, no one is going to take it seriously, right?“says another woman.

We are all exposed to it. Let’s be big or small, we have to take care “, says a seller in a stall on the street.

Part of the Government, isolated, including the Mexican strategist against the pandemic

López Obrador’s positive has forced part of the Government to isolate themselves, including Mexico’s strategist against the pandemic, Hugo López-Gatell, for having been in contact with the president.

The Minister of the Interior, Olga Sánchez Cordero, who has replaced AMLO in his traditional mornings, has stressed that the president is well and continues to lead the country.

“The president of all and all Mexicans is one, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. And what It should be clear, he is in full exercise of his functions as President of the Republic “said the minister.

To prove it, López Obrador has published a tweet in which he explains that he had a telephone conversation with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, whom he thanked for sending “24 million doses of the Sputnik vaccine for the next two months.”

Tycoon Carlos Slim with COVID-19

Mexico just exceeded 150,000 dead by COVID-19. This Monday the son of magnate Carlos Slim reported that his father, who will turn 81 on Thursday, is infected, with mild symptoms.

Slim, with an estimated fortune of $ 52 billion, heads a conglomerate of companies in many sectors, from telecommunications and energy to banking, insurance and construction. He is responsible for the agreement signed in August to contribute to the production between Argentina and Mexico of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine, which thanks to his donation will be distributed throughout Latin America.