Record of infections and deaths after the spread of the British variant in Europe

Europe, the second region most affected by covid-19 after America, with more than 31 million infections and 689,000 deaths, toughens its mobility measures and recommends that no one speak in the subway to stop the pandemic, aggravated by the proliferation of new strains such as the British and South African.

The alarms on the continent soared again this Saturday after British Prime Minister Boris Johnson admitted on Friday that there is “evidence” that the variant identified in England “is associated with a higher level of mortality”, in addition to expanding more quickly.

Portugal tops the calculations per million inhabitants in the world

Portugal today exceeded 10,000 deaths registered since the start of the pandemic after adding two new records in 24 hours: 274 deaths and 15,333 reported infections.

It is the sixth consecutive day that the country, with 10 million inhabitants, marks a new maximum of deaths in a single day, with a total balance of 10,194 deaths and 624,469 infections since March, according to the latest bulletin of the General Health Directorate ( DGS).

Hospitals in Portugal are on the verge of collapse. In Lisbon a field hospital was installed to relieve pressure on the capital’s hospitals. The ambulances queuing show the severity of the pandemic in the country.

The Portuguese nation is a world leader in deaths and new infections per million inhabitants, according to data from the University of Oxford. The authorities attribute this growth to a large extent to the presence of the British variant, which already has a prevalence of 20% and it is estimated that it may soon represent 60%.

In this context, the presence of the South African variant of COVID-19 has been confirmed in Portugal, which, like the British variant, is more contagious, and of which a single case has been detected.

UK speeds up its vaccination campaign

The British Medical Association (BMA, in English) has asked health officials to reduce the number of weeks between the first and second doses of the Pfizer-BioNTch vaccine, considering that this extension of the period to “cannot be justified”. in order to vaccinate more people.

Given the high level of COVID-19 infections in the United Kingdom due to the appearance of a new variant of the coronavirus in England, the British authorities decided that the second dose of Pfizer-BioNTech should be given 12 weeks after the first, instead three weeks as recommended by that pharmacist and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Meanwhile in the city of Glasgow, the vaccination campaign had a good influx of people this Saturday. A mass vaccination center was set up at the Louisa Jordan Hospital to fully immunize the Scots.

A German hospital in quarantine in the presence of the British variant

In Germany, a hospital is quarantined by becoming a focus of the British variant.

The authorities have reported that more than twenty people, including health personnel, tested positive for this variant of COVID, which is more infectious. No new patients have been admitted since this Saturday.

The country reported 16,417 new infections with coronavirus in the last 24 hours, while the number of fatalities rose to 879, according to data from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) of virology updated last midnight.

France demands from this Sunday a confinement of its visitors

Citizens of the European Union (EU) traveling to France as of this Sunday must isolate themselves for seven days upon arrival in the country, after having submitted a negative PCR test, and will have to make another diagnosis at the end of the quarantine. Travelers arriving by car or train are exempt from this measure.

Foreign also specifies that “all passengers must submit an affidavit that they have no symptoms” of COVID-19, that they have not been in contact with a confirmed case in the fourteen days prior to the trip and that they agree to isolate themselves for seven days. once in the country and to repeat the test after that period.

In addition, the French Academy of Medicine advises users of common transport that, in addition to wearing a mask, refrain from calling or talking to avoid contagion, and defends the effectiveness of fabric masks despite the fact that the Executive has advised against their use.

“The fact that everyone wears masks is much more important than their quality, because what we expect from them is to avoid the projection effect,” added the specialist, who specified that the important thing is that they are used correctly of this sanitary accessory, covering nose and mouth.

On Friday, the health authorities in France registered 23,292 new cases of the coronavirus and 323 deaths.