Neither Biden, nor Harris, nor Lady Gaga, the star of the investiture was Bernie Sanders and his mittens

We are in 2021 and there are no historical moments without his collection of memes.

There was Kamala Harris, making history as the first US Vice President Joe Biden. Lady Gaga performing the anthem, or Jennifer Lopez screaming excitedly in Spanish. But on social media, the undisputed star of Joe Biden’s inauguration ceremony was undoubtedly Senator from Vermont and Biden’s longtime primary opponent Bernie Sanders.

With a modest air, wrapped in his brown sports jacket, mask, Sanders protected himself from the cold with the best wool mittens in the history of American politics. Maybe of the world.

After all, what better outfit to brave the icy wind blowing through Washington as Biden was sworn in as 64th president over his family Bible?

In a interview with CBS, Sanders stressed that what he was concerned about at the time were the weather elements, and not the need to be elegant in front of the cameras. “In Vermont, we dress in warm clothes. We know the cold a little bit, we just want to stay warm.”

“Bernie without any dress considerations. Totally Grandpa from Vermont.”

The gloves were given to him a couple of years ago by a school teacher, Jen Ellis. They are made from recycled wool from old sweaters and lined with a material made from recycled plastic bottles.

The clamor from the digital crowd was also raised as Sanders arrived at the Capitol, specifically with a yellow envelope in hand.

“Inauguration, round trip to the post office, hardware store if there is time”, wrote a user on Twitter.

It goes without saying that the image of the socialist senator sitting in his folding chair was immediately contoured and transported to any imaginable place thanks to photo retouching programs and applications.

“In Jewish yoga this pose means: waiting for my wife at Loehmann’s supermarket”

There are those who have even created an application that allows Sanders to be placed anywhere. We have brought you Euronews, of course.

The rest is (Internet) history.

Another of the stars of the ceremony for the Internet was Lady Gaga and the references of her outfit that many attributed to the Hunger Games saga.

But the exuberant singer did not get anywhere near the stir caused by Sanders on the networks, despite his magnificent interpretation of the US anthem.