Latin America is vaccinated against COVID-19

Cuba hopes to produce 100 million doses of its Sovereign vaccine against the coronavirus in 2021 and immunize its entire population this year, as announced by the director of the Finlay Institute in Havana, which is developing two of the four vaccine projects in clinical trials.

“We are reorganizing our productive capacities, because we really have a lot of demand for the vaccine, and we have to prepare ourselves to be able to supply all that demand,” explains Vicente Vérez, director of the Finley Institute.

Tourists can come to Cuba to get vaccinated

Countries such as Vietnam, Iran and Venezuela have commissioned the Sovereign II vaccine, which has already been tested in more than 900 volunteers with no adverse effects observed. The vaccine does not require special refrigeration or storage conditions.

In addition to Soberana II, Cuba is developing three other vaccines that are still in the early stages of development.

“If everything goes well for us, this year we have the entire population vaccinated. Tourists can also come to Cuba to get vaccinated,” underlines Vicente Vérez, director of the Finley Institute.

Ecuador receives a first batch of 86,000 vaccines

The first batch of the Pfizer Biontech vaccine has already arrived in Quito, Ecuador, Vice President María Alejandra Muñoz announced the immediate vaccination process. The country has ordered 2.1 million doses. This first batch of 86,000 vaccines is intended for health personnel and the elderly in geriatric centers.

Chile already has a second vaccine

Chile now has the Chinese Sinovac vaccine, in addition to that from Pfizer BioNTech. The Andean country has started its vaccination campaign starting with those over 80 years of age. The director of the Institute of Public Health, Heriberto García declared: “We are very happy to know that we have a second vaccine approved in Chile. A second vaccine that means another mechanism of action. Therefore, the possibilities of action are expanded, which is very positive for the country.

For his part, President Sebastián Piñera assured: “Our plan is to vaccinate the bulk of the high-risk population, about 5 million people during the first quarter, and vaccinate a large part of the target population, that is, close to 15 million people during the first semester. “

Colombia and Brazil

Colombia’s plan, which has agreements with Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Janssen, includes five phases that will run throughout 2021. The country has prepared the required facilities to maintain the cold chain, according to Gerson Bermont, director of promotion and prevention. of the Ministry of Health.

In Brazil, vaccination began in the most isolated areas of the Amazon, among members of the indigenous community of Ticuna, badly hit by the second wave of COVID-19.