Cooperative supermarkets make their way in Madrid

The emergence of cooperative supermarkets in Madrid during the year of the pandemic benefits ‘El Arbol del Bread’, located about fifty kilometers from the capital. For fifteen years, this workshop has been making its products in a traditional way and with top quality ingredients. Their prices are higher than those of an industrial producer.

But now breads, muffins and cakes have a greater distribution, as explained by its owner, Sebastián González: “The fact that there are projects that allow these products with this quality to reach more pockets is good for everyone. For the consumer in the first place and for

Without fear of the pandemic

Sebastián’s products end up in homes like Olga Mateo’s, who has opted for responsible food consumption. It is part of the La Osa supermarket project, which has opened in the midst of the coronavirus crisis. “Despite all the impediments that the pandemic has caused, we are over a thousand cooperative members. We have not reached the best of what was thought, but I think it is a feat to have taken it forward ”, reflects Olga.

Only members can buy at the ‘La Osa’ supermarket, after a single payment of one hundred euros. These types of initiatives are inspired by ideas that already exist in countries such as France or the United States. Precisely the advice of La Louve, from Paris, was essential for the opening of the Osa.

Buy better and cheaper

One of the requirements of both sites is that the partners must also be workers for three hours a month and carry out tasks such as restocking products, cleaning or attending the cash register. Alberto Estaire predicts a good future for what is now his supermarket: “Here we are going to get at least a fairly large community and with a bit of luck and with certainty that it will reproduce in the city. So generating a consumption base of this type seems very important to us. “

The goal now is to reach two thousand members. The coordinator of La Osa, José Antonio Villarreal, calculates that at that time, making the shopping basket here will mean a saving of between 20% and 40% since “the profits are reinvested in the cooperative to facilitate access to quality products to our entire community and to the entire city of Madrid. “

This same year, another cooperative supermarket is scheduled to open in the Spanish capital.